"Sawyer, Michael, Sayid, Shannon"
Lost The Official Magazine -2

Date Released
December 6, 2005

"Sawyer, Michael, Sayid, Shannon" is the second issue of Lost: The Official Magazine. It was released December 5, 2006.


Oceanic Flight 815

"Five Alive"

The significance of Oceanic Flight 815 continues for this issue, it's time to meet the newly-discovered survivors from the tail section. We've got infor on them you're going to want to know...

By the Fire

"Josh Holloway & Harold Perrineau"

Sawyer and Michael have gone from being sworn enemies to unspoken allies. Meet the actors begind the angry loner and the caring parent...

"Naveen Andrews & Maggie Grace"

Whoever said love hurts wasn't kidding. The actors playing Sayid and Shannon's complex and compelling love story tell us about their island life...

Dark Territory

"The Bear is Back"

The Spanish comic...Walt's cuddly toy...and a very real, very angry animal - the image of a polar bear has remained significant. Here's how the beast was brought to life...

The Others

"Meet...Carlton Cuse"

Unknown forces aside, Lost Magazine has its own 'Others' - the puppet-masters of the show. Get read for Executive Producer Carlton Cuse to spill what he knows.

Damon Lindelof's Quarantine & Analysis

In the first of a very special regular Q&A zone, Lost Co-Creator/Executive Producer Damon Lindelof answers fans' burning questions...

Under the Hatch

"Destination: LA"

The passengers of Oceanic Flight 815 may not have got there, but fans and Team Lost did for the first official Lost' charity event.

Frequent Flyers

New Transmission

The Lost Writers reveal what lies ahead...the show's Emmy success is covered...everything Lost-newsworthy has washed up here...

Voices from the Fuselage

The fans...the theories...the views...the debates - they're all here for your consideration, plus and online guide to getting Lost on the web...

Get Lost

Need a fix of official Lost merchandise? Scope out what's available at ABC's ShopTheScene online store, right here...

Dear Diary

Every issue, a member of Lost's cast/crew will tell us about a memorable day on the island. Matthew fox, the floor is yours...

Black Box Flight Recorder

Lost Magazine's Black Box Recorder gives you access to script extracts and exclusive behind-the-scenes photography. This is the stuff of nightmares...


Among other exclusives coming to you Issue #3, get ready to share the fireside with Mr. Eko and Ana-Lucia...

The Island & The Agents

Alias and Lost, the creative universes of J.J. Abrams, are full of crossovers. Greg Grunberg played the pilot in Lost and Alias' Agent Weiss...

Exclusive Posters

Now that the show is well into its second season, whose side will you choose to display on your wall? The ladies of Lost or the Lost boys?


We saw Michael design and build it, but exactly how did Team Lost create the raft? Cue: our behind the scenes expose...

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