Savannah McCulloch is a character from the official Lost novelization Signs of Life


Savannah met Jeff Hadley at a course he was teaching at Robert Burns College, as she was a student at the institute. She fell in love with Jeff almost immediately and she became pregnant with Jeff's child. Jeff, having a limiting romantic code, left her in Scotland to go to Australia, which broke her heart. She still loved him, just as he loved her. One of her paintings, six months after Jeff ended their relationship, suddenly appeared to her to be of an airplane labeled 815. Savannah was sure that that was not what the image used to be of. After a brief bit of research, she discovered that Jeff will be on Oceanic Flight 815. Following this realization, Savannah was thrown into a panic and tried to rush to the airport to warn Jeff somehow, however, Savannah tragically died in her haste to prevent Jeff from boarding Oceanic Flight 815. She seemed to come back from her death to visit Jeff in the Caves on the island.

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