Saul Rubinek played the role of Finney, the attorney who was hired by Michael in his legal custody battle with Susan over Walt.

Starred with Emilie de Ravin (Claire Littleton) in the horror/comedy film "Santa's Slay" (2005). The two only had one scene together.

Co-produced the movie Jerry and Tom (1998) which became an official entry at Sundance in 1998 with wife Elinor Reid. They have two children: Hannah (born 1991) and Sam (born 1995).

Is good friends with actor, Maury Chaykin. The two have acted in many movies together.

Was an emergency replacement for David Rappaport on "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (1987) in the episode "The Most Toys" after Rappaport's suicide in 1990.

His parents were survivors of the Holocaust.

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