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  • This phone may be part of a plan to lead Penelope Widmore to Desmond and The Island
  • The large color screen on this handset is much more advanced than any satellite phone handset commercially available in 2004, suggesting that Naomi may come from a different time or has access to technologies not available to the general public. This is further supported by Sayid's comment that he had never seen technology this sophisticated before; in "real time" they have only been on the Island a couple of months, with his experience as a communications officer he would have a decent grasp of available modern technology.
    • However, as we only know for sure that he served in the Iraqi army during the first Gulf War, he may not have had access to as modern technology as the US Army.
      • Nevertheless, this satellite phone is way more advanced than anything in the real world - let alone in 2004. Take a look at some 2007 satellite phones; from companies such as Iridium, ACeS, Elsacom and Thuraya. Most of their satellite phones look like regular mobile phones circa 1998. The only phones which even have a color display (both by Thuraya) look like early 2000s ones. So the fact that Naomi has such an advanced phone is surely important in one way or another.
        • Makes sence that the producers/writers would stress Sayid's "advanced technology" comment since we now know that time somehow acts differently on the island.
  • The phone is showing a location of Portland, Oregon. Mittelos Bioscience was originally said to be located there, and Ben was born nearby.
  • In the Sri Lanka video, Alvar Hanso states that "A radio transmitter has also been erected on the island broadcasting in a frequency and encryption known only to us," in 1980, according to the video copyright. The crash survivors have all experienced modern cellphone and similar technology -- but Sayid has stated that he has never seen this phone technology before. Yet of all the possible frequencies it could have been designed to use, it uses the same frequency that the radio transmitter uses and certainly appears advanced enough to handle encryption. Also, if the radio transmitter is sending an encrypted signal, the satellite phone must be capable of decrypting it unless Danielle somehow managed to disable it. If the frequency/encryption was sufficiently proprietary (read: non-commercial off the shelf), a custom phone would need to be built. It would be plausible to suspect that Naomi's people are the DHARMA Initiative, using newer advances of their own technology.
    • Maybe what is meant by his statement is that the only frequency that is currently able to contact the outside world is the one he mentions, that is until the jamming station is turned off by Charlie.