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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
Find 815
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Mrs. Thomas appears in the alternate reality game Find 815 on an answer phone belonging to her son Sam Thomas. In the messages, she appears to be quite unaware of what Sam is investigating, and worries about his health. (Find 815 clues/January 2)  (Find 815 clues/January 10)

Audio transcripts

Sam's mother message as
seen on the mobile.

Sam, its mum. I just saw you on the telly. What's going on? You're going to lose your job if you keep carrying on like that. I know you probably wouldn't care at the moment, but you look like you hadn't slept in days. I'm worried about your health Sam, physical and [pause] well, otherwise. Can you call me?"

Hey Sam it's Mum again. I phoned you the other day. You haven't called me back. I'm worried. I popped 'round to see you but no one was home. I know you haven't been yourself since Sonya disappeared. I'm worried you might do something silly. Please call me back this time.

Sam's answer

Sam answered his mother via Tracey R:


I'm going to be out here longer than I thought, and mum is starting to worry. I've tried to call but the reception out here is dodgy. And I'm pretty sure mum still hasn't worked out how to use that answering machine I got her.

She's starting to stress herself out - she never used to be this much of a worrier. I was wondering if you could call her for me and let her know I'm fine?

I also just found out I probably won't be able to get home for Christmas - break it to her gently, will you? I'll call her myself as soon as I can.

Thanks, Tracey


(Find 815 clues/January 15)

Hi Sam

I called your mum. She was relieved to hear you were OK. You're right - she's a worrier these days but she means well. She's invited me around for Christmas day. I can't resist her homemade rumballs so I said yes. You're going to owe a very big Christmas present when you get back (and me too for that matter).

Talk soon


(Find 815 clues/January 22)

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