The survivors spot a sailboat, and ask a simple question: "saved?" ("Live Together, Die Alone")

Being physically rescued or saved from the Island was the original goal of the survivors. As the story has progressed, some characters seem to have become complacent or accepting of the situation and focus less on the goal of being saved.

Season 1[]

The Raft 2

The raft is launched. ("Exodus, Part 1")

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

  • The lyrics to the Oasis song "Wonderwall" that Charlie sings are: "Because maybe, you're gonna be the one who saves me..." Later on, Desmond tells him that he has been trying to save his life repeatedly, first from being struck by lightning, and later by drowning. Desmond thinks that he may not be able to prevent Charlie's death, no matter what he does. ("Flashes Before Your Eyes")
  • Claire thinks she can get everyone off the Island by attaching a message to a tagged seagull before it migrates. ("Par Avion")
3X11 FlameOnFire

The Flame on fire. ("Enter 77")

Season 4[]


The Kahana. ("The Beginning of the End")


Ben banishes himself for the Island's sake. ("There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3")

Season 5[]


Locke fulfills his destiny and turns the frozen wheel. ("This Place Is Death")

  • Locke devises a plan to leave the island by turning the frozen wheel in hopes of stopping the time flashes. ("This Place Is Death")
  • Unhappy with their lives, and having been informed their friends need them, the Oceanic 6 (minus Aaron), Frank, and Locke's body return to the island on Ajira Airways Flight 316. Eloise Hawking explains that because the island moves, rescuers could never find them. ("316")
  • Flashbacks show what happened to Locke after he left the island, attempted to bring the Oceanic 6 back to the island, and was eventually murdered by Ben and make to appear a suicide. On the island, Locke is shown to have seemingly returned to life. ("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham")
  • After the Oceanic 6 leave the island and the time flashes are stopped, Sawyer and Juliet find themselves in 1977 with the DHARMA Initiative. Though given a chance to leave on the submarine, they eventually make a new life for themselves on the island over the next three years. ("LaFleur")
  • After being exposed as apparent traitors to the DHARMA Initiative, Kate, Sawyer, and Juliet are forced off the island on the submarine. ("Follow the Leader")
  • Jack, with the assistance of Daniel, comes up with a plan to prevent the crash of flight 815 entirely by detonating a nuclear device at the Swan site in 1977, stopping its construction and the chain of events that led to the plane crash. After being mortally wounded, Juliet detonates the bomb. ("The Incident, Parts 1 & 2")

Season 6[]

  • A flash sideways timeline is shown in which flight 815 has not crashed and each character's life is different. ("LA X, Parts 1 & 2")
  • The Man in Black reveals his ultimate goal is to "go home." ("LA X, Parts 1 & 2")
  • In 1867, Richard crashes on the island on the Black Rock. He is led to believe he is in hell by the Man in Black, but Jacob explains that the island is a "cork" holding back the "darkness," the Man in Black, and this is why Jacob allows or prevents people to come or go on the island. ("Ab Aeterno")
6x11 ByeByeDes

Desmond exposed to electromagnetism. ("Happily Ever After")

  • Desmond is forcibly brought back to the island by Widmore and subjected to large amounts of electromagnetism, causing him to enter the flash sideways timeline. He decides to inform the others in the flash sideways of their original lives, while the original Desmond becomes enlightened. ("Happily Ever After")
  • While on the Elizabeth and attempting to flee from the Man in Black, Jack decides he does not want to be saved and returns to the island. ("The Last Recruit")
  • The Man in Black tricks the candidates into boarding Widmore's sub to leave the island. A bomb explodes, killing Sayid, Jin, and Sun. ("The Candidate")
  • Flashbacks to the first century A.D. show how Jacob and the Man in Black were born, and the latter's desire to leave the island. ("Across the Sea")
  • Jack decides to forfeit salvation entirely by taking on Jacob's role as protector of the island. ("What They Died For")
  • After originally intending to blow it up, Miles, Richard, and Frank decide to repair flight 316. They ultimately leave the island once and for all with Kate, Sawyer, and Claire. ("The End")
  • Ben and Hurley choose to remain on the island. Jack passes on his duties to Hurley, who appoints Ben as his assistant. ("The End")
  • Hurley presumably returns Desmond to Penny. ("The End")
  • The flash sideways is revealed to be a place the survivors made to find each other after death. Each one remembers his or her island life, and all of the characters reunite at a church and "move on" together, reaching another form of salvation. ("The End")