Bernard's SOS sign on the beach

In episode "S.O.S.", Bernard and some of the other survivors tried to build a large SOS sign with 40-foot letters on the beach, made of black volcanic rocks from a lava flow about 1/2 mile inland. However they didn't even finish the first letter S, as everyone who had started quickly quit, leaving Bernard all alone to try to finish it. Bernard finally gave up the idea when Rose told him that she'd rather stay on the Island.

Along with the nearby piles of rocks, the completed portion of the sign seemed to depict an angry-faced emoticon, similar to the blinking prompt on the computer screen in the Swan.

Rose referenced the sign again in "Through the Looking Glass, Part 1", when she was leaving Bernard to go to the radio tower with the rest of the survivors, and Bernard was staying behind with Jin and Sayid to carry out an ambush on the Others. Rose asked Bernard if he would come with them if she agreed to help him with his SOS sign.

Survivors involved with the project

Below is a list of every known person that assisted on the SOS sign.

Picture Name Role Overview
Bernard Leader Originally came up with the idea.
Richard Helped Helped on project
Hurley Helped Was an early supporter of the plan.
Jin Helped Attempted to help, even though he did not speak English very well.
Unnamed Helped Several unnamed background characters assisted on the project.

Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions
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  • Are the sketched letters still in the sand?
  • Could they be seen from a plane passing over the island?
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