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Ryan (left) and Jen (right) Ozawa, wearing Hawaii Lost Fan Club shirts, with Henry Ian Cusick (center), at the 2006 Louis Vuitton Hawaii Film Festival Lost Panel

Ryan Ozawa is a Hawaii resident and Lost fan who is best known for his podcast "The Transmission," which he produces with his wife, Jen Ozawa. At its most popular, The Transmission reached number 7 on the iTunes top 10 list, joining more established major podcasts such as those from ESPN, CBS and NPR. On an early episode, Lost cast member Jorge Garcia called into the podcast show.


The Transmission podcast

  • Ryan & Jen's The Transmission podcast won the 2006 Jay & Jack Podcast's inaugural Hugo Cup award. Other nominees included Lostpedia and Lost-media. According to the awards podcast, Jay & Jack opined that The Transmission was the first groundbreaking Lost podcast that paved the way for the many Lost podcasts to follow later, including their own.
  • On January 31, 2006, the Ozawas announced that they were ending the podcast, citing time constraints, but continued to blog about the show. On February 4, 2008, they resumed podcasting in the wake of the Season 4 premiere. [1]
  • The couple also maintains a Lost filming locations list compiled with the help of fellow resident locations sleuths, which features an interactive Google map and tags that allow locations to be browsed by episode, area, character, and type.
  • Ryan Ozawa also regularly covers Lost on his blog, including filming reports.[2]


Content from Ozawa related to Lost may be found at the following resources:

Personal Life

Ozawa and his wife have three children, Katie (14), Zac (9), and Alex (7). All three have made appearances in various podcast episodes. The most being their daughter, who read out the dates and episode numbers for the podcast.

Hawaii Lost Fan Club

Ozawa also runs the Hawaii Lost Fan Club, which includes a mailing list hosted at Yahoo Groups.

Leaks and spoilers

Season 2 call sheet spoiler from Ozawa

Ozawa is the source of several filming reports and spoilers:

  • Leaked photos of the outdoor set the Others's camp, leaked before it was broadcast. (link)
  • Leaked video of Michelle Rodriguez directing Honolulu traffic in a police uniform, at her filming location for "Collision" - (link 1), (link 2)
  • Leaks from the University of Hawaii Medical School filming location for a Season 3 post-hiatus flashback: Flickr photo album, blog entry
  • In February 2008, Ryan Ozawa claimed that production had once again begun on Lost. This in fact was not true, and it was a production company making a TV-Movie called "Special Delivery" using the Lost team's equipment and some of the crew. Ryan claimed that the crew had told him they were making Lost, and had been "punk'd" by them.[3]

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