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Ryan Milner is Wayne Janssen's apprentice, possibly in the Flash-sideways timeline.

A fake episode of America's Most Wanted was screened in July 2009 for Comic-Con fans showing host John Walsh narrating the true crime story of Kate Austen. Kate, it was revealed, didn't kill her stepfather, plumbing company owner Wayne Janssen, as viewers believed. In his narration, Walsh said, "Fate would intervene on this tragic evening.

Having made an earlier date with his wife, Janssen instead sent his apprentice, Ryan Milner, to lock up in his place. As Austen had devised, the building went up in a violent ball of flames. But it was Ryan who would perish inside instead of her intended target. Austen was detained for the murder of Ryan Milner before violently escaping the custody of a U.S. Marshall. She remains on the run to this day. Federal authorities consider her armed and very dangerous."


  • The murder as presented is notably nothing like the one from the actual episode "What Kate Did".