Ruth was Desmond's girlfriend for six years in Scotland, not far from the monastery in Eddington. They eventually made plans to marry, but the wedding plans were cut short quite suddenly when Desmond had a "religious experience" while drunk and disappeared one week before their wedding to become a monk.

Her brother, Derek, located him at the monastery and punched Desmond in the face for deserting his sister. Desmond visited Ruth to explain he realized he had a greater calling and for it he would sacrifice everything else. Ruth didn't believe him and thought that he was just too scared to go through with their wedding. ("Catch-22")

Ruth: Next time you want to break up with someone, Des, don't join the monastery. Just tell the girl you're too bloody scared.


  • Ruth is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "friend, companion".
  • In the Bible, Ruth was the young Moabite widow who said to her Hebrew mother-in-law Naomi, "Where you go, there I shall go also; your people will be my people, your God, my God."
    • Naomi and Ruth both first appeared in "Catch-22".
  • During the casting call she was described as Ruth. 20s, Female, Caucasian, Scottish, Pretty. Ruth is said to be a strong and pretty woman who has rather sad eyes. [1]