The Ruins are the remnants of old stone structures first seen in "The Brig".

When the Others left the Barracks, Ben told Locke that they were going to "an old place." The Others stopped and made an encampment in the same area as the ruins on the edge of a valley field. Among various fallen stone blocks stands a large Doric column, to which Ben strapped Cooper.

Cooper on the Ruins

Cooper is held captive

The Others were camped at this location for several days on their journey to what they called an "old place." Ben attempted to get Locke to kill Anthony Cooper at this location.

Other ruins[]

Ruins were seen at other locations as well:

It is unknown whether or not any or all of these locations are related.

Unanswered questions[]

Unanswered questions
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  • What were the ruins originally?
  • Who constructed them?
  • What is their purpose?

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