Rosie was a DHARMA Initiative nurse who worked on the Island in the late 1970's. She was Jerry's girlfriend and appeared to be friends with Casey, as they always appeared together.

On the Island[]


Rosie came to Phil and Jerry to bring them some brownies and was dancing with Jerry when Phil burst into their station complaining that Jerry should be watching the monitors. While the two men bickered, Rosie noticed Horace walking around the sonar fence with some dynamite. ("LaFleur")

5x09 Rosie

Rosie was seen sitting at the back of the Processing Center

On the next day, Rosie was inside the Processing Center, helping new recruits to inject vaccines. She was seen sitting at the back, while Dr. Chang was assigning a job for Jack. ("Namaste")

She was seen in the cafeteria during breakfast when Jack, Kate, and Hurley were discussing Sayid. She was later present at "the vote" with Casey to determine if Sayid should be executed. Rosie voted in favor of the execution. That night a burning DHARMA van crashed into building 15, one of the houses at the Barracks. ("He's Our You") Rosie was standing with other DHARMA Initiative members at the house after it had been put out. ("Whatever Happened, Happened")

5x15 Follow the Leader

Rosie left the island with Casey.

When Pierre Chang organised the evacuation of all the DHARMA women and children from the Island, she left with Casey in the Galaga. ("Follow the Leader")


Nurse Rosie

Rosie is a DHARMA nurse.

  • Rosie wore a Geronimo Jackson shirt in "LaFleur".
  • The DHARMA jumpsuit that she was wearing at the meeting identifies her as a nurse who works at the Looking Glass. ("He's Our You")
  • The ABC press release for "Namaste" credited her as appearing, but she only appeared briefly at the background in the episode. Her main scene along with the speaking lines in the episode were cut out; it can be seen featured on the Lost: On Location segment on the Season 5 DVD set.