Rose Nadler developed several relationships over the course of the series.


Bernard and Rose
First Episode: "S.O.S."
Origin: Rose and Bernard meet when Rose's car gets stuck in the snow and Bernard offers to help push it out. Afterwards, Rose asks Bernard out for coffee
Since Then: Rose and Bernard meet when Rose's car gets stuck in the snow and Bernard offers to help push it out. Afterwards, Rose asks Bernard out for coffee. The two begin dating and on one date while visiting the Niagara Falls, Bernard proposes to her. Rose hesitates to say yes, telling Bernard that she is dying of cancer. Bernard decides that he is not afraid of her illness and tells her still wants to marry her. On their honeymoon trip he takes her to Australia to see Isaac of Uluru, a faith healer, hoping that he will cure her cancer. Rose gets upset with Bernard, but goes in to see Isaac. Even after Isaac tells her that he cannot cure her, Rose pretends to Bernard that the healer has succeeded just so that Bernard will be at peace with the situation in order to enjoy the rest of their time together. Bernard spends most of his first 48 days on the Island under the assumption that Rose is dead, but Rose believed that Bernard was alive. When Sawyer and Michael tell him she is alive, he is eager to find their camp. They reunite in "Collision", and Rose tells him that she believed the Island healed her cancer. During the time shifts once Ben moved the island, the two are briefly separated, but quickly reunited. Bernard and Rose are married - lovingly so - in the flash-sideways timeline. As on the original Flight 815, she carries his wedding band on her necklace when they fly. Later, they are shown in the church with their island friends to move on.
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Jack and Rose
First Episode: "Pilot, Part 1"
Origin: Jack noticed Rose's nervousness on the flight they shared. He told her she needn't worry, the first of many wrong pronouncements.
Since Then: Jack kept her company on their first days on the island, when she sat alone, pining for her husband. Weeks later, she told him she was happy to see him out of the hatch. When Bernard tried to build an S.O.S. sign, Rose tried to defer to Jack. She acted more skeptical of his skills later on, when his plan to attack the Others endangered Bernard. When the camp split, Rose trusted Jack more than Locke, so she stayed with him even though he wanted to find rescue. Then when Jack caught appendicitis, Rose suggested the island was punishing him for trying to leave. Jack left nonetheless, and he died before seeing Rose again. They met in the afterlife, again on Oceanic 815. This time, however, Rose reassured Jack, telling him he could "let go".


Locke and Rose
First Episode: "S.O.S."
Origin: At the airport in Syndey, Locke, in his wheelchair, retrieved Rose's fallen medication. Each thus learned of the other's condition.
Since Then: The Island healed each of them, giving them a special, secret bond. When he Swan's blast doors hurt Locke's legs, Rose commented that they both knew of the island's healing properties. Locke's later extreme actions, including murdering Naomi, ended the friendship. When the camp split, Rose refused to go with Locke even though she wished to stay on the Island. Some years later, a man Rose believed was Locke threatened to kill her and Bernard. After death, Rose and Locke met again, and she helped him understand his limits.
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