"Room 23" is the sixth Lost mobisode. Ben and Juliet react to a situation in Room 23, apparently concerning Walt.


Ben responds to a klaxon and red light at Room 23. Juliet is already there and a number of Others are seen running away. According to Juliet, Walt "did it again". When Ben asks, "Did what again?" she tells him that he knows. Walt is inside and has done something that has frightened all of the Others present, aside from Ben, who insists that someone has to go in and tell him to stop. Juliet refuses to go into the room and says that neither Beatrice, Tom, nor anyone else is willing to go into the room.

Juliet says that Michael is out looking for Walt and that they could bring him back; Ben refuses. Juliet then tells Ben the situation is his responsibility in that he wanted Walt brought there. Ben corrects her saying that Jacob wanted Walt brought there. Juliet tries to convince Ben that Walt is dangerous and Ben responds that Walt is only a child. Juliet takes him outside the building, where she shows him a pile of dead birds on the ground under a boarded up window. Ben then turns to Juliet with a troubled look on his face.



  • The title simply refers to the room numbered 23 at the Hydra facility. It's unclear what happens inside with Walt.


The dead birds below Room 23's window

  • Juliet and Ben never mention the name of the child in the room, nor do they mention the name of the father looking for him. Based on the dialogue, the two are assumed to be Walt and Michael, respectively.
  • The dead birds include various parrots, various doves/pigeons, possible corvids (crow-like), and debatable larids (gulls) though not the same species as Claire caught in "Par Avion".

Production notes

  • The production code/mobisode number for this mobisode is 104, even though it was the sixth one released.
  • This is the shortest mobisode.
  • There is a "making of" article about this mobisode in "New Season Secrets!" of Lost: The Official Magazine.

Recurring themes

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Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions
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  • How did Walt attract birds to the building?

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