Ronnie was a DHARMA Initiative recruit. In 1977, he arrived with other new recruits by sub on the Island. ("Namaste") His nametag said he had been assigned as gardener.

He may have been killed along with other members of the DHARMA Initiative in the Purge, or he may have left the island sometime between 1977 and The Purge.


  • In Sky1 special "Lost: Season 5 Revealed", Iain Lee, the presenter of "The Lost Initiative" podcast, has visited the filming site of "Namaste". During his visit, he asked director Jack Bender to give him a background role. After Bender's approval, he decided to wear Jerome's jumpsuit for his scene. However, he later changed to Ronnie's jumpsuit as he couldn't feel the name Jerome in him, but could feel the name Ronnie instead. He eventually played a minor part as Ronnie, but then realized there was no camera filming his scene at all.