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Damon, Carlton and a Polar Bear
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Ronie Midfew Arts (also presented as Ronie Midfew Fine Arts) is an art dealership within the ARG which opposed Paul Scheer's Lost-related artworks, primarily Damon, Carlton and a Polar Bear featured on his website. Currently, the company is working alongside Scheer, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse and created a Lost experience before the beginning of season 6.


  • Ronie Midfew - presumed CEO of the company.
  • Alexandra Miller - assistant to Midfew. She contacted Paul Scheer about his Lost-related artwork, and has threatened that he will not continue to publicize other pieces.


These entries were posted on Paul Scheer's website.

August 3rd

After returning from his weekend off, Scheer found messages from a legal firm, stating: RonieMidfewMessage

August 4th

Scheer posted this message:

Just heard a disturbing bit of news from an intern who works over at ABC about my painting “DAMON CARLTON AND A POLAR BEAR”

Not going to freak out yet, waiting for visual confirmation.

Stay tuned!

August 6th

Mr. Klugh's proof of Scheer's trashed painting.

Scheer posted another message, revealing that "these official sounding people at “Ronie Midfew Arts” telling me that I can’t post or paint any more Lost related pictures because I’m breaching their “intellectual property“!!! and then tonight at my show at UCB one of their lawyers shows up and hands me a “Cease and Desist“."

Later that day, Scheer recieved a message from an intern at ABC, nicknamed "Mr. Klugh", with an attached picture of his painting in the trash at the Lost production offices. Believing that Damon or Carlton would not do it themselves, Scheer decided to venture to the ABC offices.

August 7th

Bloggers DocArzt and Peter from Slashfilm received a letter from Ronie Midfew Arts, informing them Ronie Midfew are aware of their possesion of a printed reproduction of Scheer's artwork, and warned him they will stop his further released of Lost-related art on August 15th. They also understand the bloggers had no input in Scheer's artwork, and claimed that "whatever happened, happened." The letter was sent by Ronie Midfew's assistant, Alexandra Miller.

In response, DocArzt posted a response on his own blog, rejecting Ronie Midfew's contact and supporting Scheer's work.

August 12th

Scheer revealed he received a phone call from Alexandra Miller, during which Scheer communicated using only regularly spoken phrases from Lost and referenced events from episodes.

AM: Hello this is Alexandra Miller from Ronie Midfew Fine Arts.


AM: Excuse Me?

PS: You’re just trying to be like the unsympathetic outback travel agent in episode four of Season 1, WALKABOUT.

AM: I’m Sorry.

PS: This is destiny, this is destiny… This is my destiny! Hey, I’m supposed to do this, dammit!

AM: Sir, if you could please just calm down. I just wanna talk.

PS: Umm…A small boy once asked me if I was a bad man. If I could answer him now, I would tell him that I once killed a man to save my brother’s life….Mr. Eko.

AM: What?

PS: You all ev’rybody!! You all………ev’…ry…….body??” (NOTE: At this point [Scheer] ran out of recognizable Lost quotes and hung up the phone)


Ronie Midfew Arts current website features a warning that "15 Will be lost the 16TH Will be found", possibly a reference to Scheer's intention on releasing his new artwork on August 15th.

During some time, a message was revealed while touching the company's logo, stating:


However, this mesage has been removed after a supposed meeting and agreement between Ronie Midfew and Paul Scheer and replaced with an updated one:


Currently, the website redirects itself to


  • Their website is owned by ABC. [1]
  • Ronie Midfew Arts is an anagram to "Widmore Fine Arts" and "Rewind time so far".
  • A Google Search for "Ronie Midfew Arts" returns the company's ABC owned website, and the rest of the results are Lost sites.

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