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Rob Kyker
Date of Birth Unknown
Origin Unknown
Job(s) Property Master
Mysterious Figure in Jacob's cabin (appearance)
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Rob Kyker is the property master, also known as "prop master", for the production crew of Lost. He is credited as "Rob Kyker" in Lost, but has elsewhere been credited as Robbie Kyker, Robert S. Kyker, Robert Scott Kyker, and Robert Kyker.

Kyker is featured in the DVD extra "Lost In A Day" on the Season 3 DVD, primarily working on the arrow through Charlie's guitar for "Catch-22", as well as the extra "Crew Tribute with Evangeline Lilly". He was also the subject of the February 28, 2008 official video podcast.

Rob Kyker
Rob Kyker
3x20 Jacob portrait
Kyker as the shadowy figure in Jacob's cabin ("The Man Behind the Curtain")

He also played the appearance of the shadowy figure in the chair in Jacob's cabin in "The Man Behind the Curtain", as confirmed by Kyker himself at the 2009 Hawaii International Film Festival (this can be heard on Ryan Ozawa's The Transmission podcast here). Kyker co-hosted a seminar at the 2009 Hawaii International Film Festival with costume designer Roland Sanchez entitled "Master Class: "Costume and Props".


  • Kyker's father and older brother are both prop masters; his uncles also work with props.
  • The director of the Arrow Orientation film is listed as Kyker.

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