The road map

A road map that appeared to be a road construction map was found in the back of the DHARMA van by Sawyer. ("Tricia Tanaka Is Dead") The map showed plans for what appeared to be a switchback road starting from the Swan. The concentric circles (countourlines) indicated it was also a topographical map. Besides the road itself the map had the following drawn on it:

  • 2093480
  • 3458
  • 45-290VV
  • © (the letter C in a circle)
  • A ground-plan of the Swan
  • The Swan station logo next to the groundplan
  • Two charts or legends with unknown information

Inverted and enhanced version of the road map


  • The road that the map depicted was not just a plan but was actually built as Carlton Cuse stated in a interview: "the purpose of that map was just to establish that basically there was at one point a road that linked the DHARMA stations but with 25 years of jungle growth those roads have been overgrown."
  • As indicated by the switchback road and the contour lines, the station was located at the lowermost point in the area.
  • The groundplan of the station differed from that of the Swan as seen on the blast door map.
  • The © was on the same level as the station
  • 'South' of the Station lay another low level. The low levels were separated by a small, steep mountain
  • If the lines were indeed contour lines, then the switchbacks on the road were an anomaly as the road had the switchbacks on the shallowest slope (The closer together the lines; the steeper the slope)
  • The road map was clearly marked with a C in a circle; the DHARMA cabling map was marked with a B in a circle.
  • Sayid shot young Ben on a DHARMA Road. ("He's Our You")