Rich Sickler, also credited as Richard T. Sickler, is a second unit or assistant director for the show. He can be seen on the Season 2 DVD special Lost: On Location (Season 2) on the set of "Two for the Road", where he explains how they filmed the Australian scenes, without changing the steering wheels on all the vehicles (they reversed the lettering on all the signs). Sickler is also on Lost: The Complete Third Season (DVD) in the feature "Lost in a Day", where is seen on the set of "One of Us", as well as in "Lost: On Location" for various episodes including "The Man Behind the Curtain".


Originally from New Mexico, he lived there until the end of high school, and after graduation he moved to California, where he worked on several films while attending college. His first job on a television show was a post-production runner for Viacom, working on shows such as Matlock. He soon became production assistant for Diagnosis Murder. He then worked as a 2nd Assistant Director on several feature films, such as Tears of the Sun. One such film was a "Disney of the Week" film with Jean Higgins, who called him when he moved up to being a 1st Assistant Director, asking him to come work on Lost. He moved to Hawaii with his wife and children. While he has previous acting credits, such as on the series The Inside, he has not been able to have a background role on Lost', due to schedule conflicts. However, he has stated that they are "saving him for something special." (The Lost Shephard)

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