Acts of revenge are regular occurrences in the plot and character arcs of Lost. In many cases, a wrong committed begins a new arc for a character, as they try to avenge their loss.


Ben kills his father with toxic gas. ("The Man Behind the Curtain")


The following occurrences of revenge happened in Lost, sorted by character and episode order.

Ana Lucia Cortez[]


Ana Lucia shooting Jason McCormack in a dark alley. ("Collision")

Benjamin Linus[]

Boone Carlyle[]

Cassidy Phillips[]

  • Cassidy thought that she and Sawyer were involved in a relationship, but she was actually the victim of a con ("The Long Con"). She would get her revenge by pressing charges against him, sending him to prison ("Every Man for Himself").

Charlie Pace[]

1x15 EthansDeadBody

Ethan's dead body, after being shot six times by Charlie. ("Homecoming")


Claire Littleton[]


Claire tries to kill Kate on the island. ("Recon")


  • Derek wanted revenge on Desmond after Derek's sister, Ruth, was left by Desmond one week before they were supposed to be married. Derek found and punched Des in the face in a Scottish monastery ("Catch-22").

Desmond Hume[]

Des and inman

Desmond stands over Kelvin. ("Live Together, Die Alone, Part 2")

Edward Mars[]

Mars and Austen captured

Edward Mars arrests Kate for the first time. ("What Kate Did")

  • The Marshall wanted revenge for Kate escaping his custody ("What Kate Did") and for taunting him by continually calling him ("I Do"). Mars would eventually get his revenge by capturing Kate in Australia. He was bringing Austen back on Oceanic Flight 815 on September 22, 2004, when the plane crashed and Austen escaped. Mars would be euthanized by Jack ("Tabula Rasa").

Harper Stanhope[]

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes[]

Jack Shepard[]

Locke and Jack funeral

Jack moves toward Locke after Boone's funeral. ("The Greater Good")

  • Jack wanted revenge on Locke for Boone's death ("Do No Harm") because he was not told everything about Boone's condition by Locke when they came back from the jungle ("Deus Ex Machina"). Jack physically confronted Locke at Boone's funeral before Charlie and Sawyer pulled him off ("The Greater Good").
  • Jack thought that his father was the new man in Sarah's life after she asked for a divorce. As Jack was calling numbers of Sarah's contacts, Christian's cell phone rings. Jack verbally confronts Christian why Sarah is calling him; he then stalks his father and physically confronts him during an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, which lands Jack in prison ("A Tale of Two Cities").



The Man in Black is dragged into The Heart of the Island by Jacob. (Across the Sea)

Jin Soo-Kwon[]

John Locke[]

Juliet Burke[]

Kate Austen[]


Kate shoots the Man In Black. ("The End")

The Man in Black[]

Woo-jung Paik[]

  • Mr. Paik found out about an affair between Sun and Jae Lee, but instead of telling Jin about it, Mr. Paik lied and told him that Jae was stealing from him, demanding that Jin kill Jae Lee to restore the family's honor, indirectly leading to Jae committing suicide. ("The Glass Ballerina")

Nikki Fernandez[]

  • Nikki threw a female Medusa spider at her boyfriend, Paulo, because she (correctly) suspected that he found a bag of diamonds they had taken together. The spider paralyzed Paulo; the female spider's bite attracted an onslaught of male Medusa spiders, one of which bit and paralyzed Nikki. They both were buried alive because everyone was under the assumption they were already dead ("Exposé").

Danny Pickett[]

Lpickett ost-everymanforhimself 1161880626

Danny Pickett forces Kate to confess her love for Sawyer. ("Every Man for Himself")


Sayid and Sami

Sayid is asked to cook for another restaurant by Sami. ("Enter 77")

  • Sami imprisoned and tortured Sayid for torturing his wife while he served in the Republican Guard. He lured Sayid by saying that he needed a new cook for his restaurant that he owned. ("Enter 77")

James "Sawyer" Ford[]

  • A large portion of James' life was spent looking for the original "Sawyer", who caused his father to kill himself and his mother. When James finally discovered the real Sawyer, Anthony Cooper, he strangled him to death. ("The Brig"). He also killed Frank Duckett, believing him to be Sawyer, in his quest for revenge. ("Outlaws")
  • Sawyer sought revenge on a boar for ransacking his tent. ("Outlaws")
Sawyer kills cooper

Sawyer strangles Anthony Cooper with chains in the brig of the Black Rock. ("The Brig")


Jack tries to separate himself from Sawyer as Kate restrains him. ("LA X, Part 2")

  • "LaFleur" wanted revenge when Phil punched Juliet in the face ("Follow the Leader") after it was discovered that he helped with the disappearance of young Ben ("Whatever Happened, Happened"). Sawyer actually came close to losing his life to Phil at the Swan site in 1977, as Phil confronted an unarmed LaFleur, only to be impaled by metal scaffolding ("The Incident, Part 2").
  • Sawyer beat up Jack after the plan to detonate Jughead in the hole that would eventually become the Swan backfired and Juliet was killed ("LA X, Part 1"). He would also threaten to kill Jack to Kate, only to back off that statement, stating "he deserves to suffer on this rock just like the rest of us." ("LA X, Part 2")

Sayid Jarrah[]

  • Sayid's torturing of Sawyer seemed to be mainly an act of revenge, since Sayid believed Sawyer to be the one who knocked him unconscious while he attempted to get a signal for the transceiver.
4x03 Sprinklers

Sayid strides away from Avellino's corpse. ("The Economist")

Shannon Rutherford[]


Shannon holds Locke at gunpoint. ("The Greater Good")

Sun Hwa Kwon[]

  • Sun was upset after Juliet told Jin that she had an affair in hopes of keeping Jin and Sun from going with Locke. Sun slapped Juliet, but Jin and Sun did not go with Locke ("Ji Yeon").

Charles Widmore[]

  • Widmore was once in control of the island, but because he had a relationship and family with a person off the island, he was exiled from the island ("Dead Is Dead"). Widmore would spend years trying to return, which he did ("Dr. Linus"), only to be killed by his long time rival, Ben ("What They Died For").

Other references[]

  • One of the pinball machines in the Barracks recreation room is the 1999 "Revenge From Mars".

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