Lost featured frequent reunions among its large cast of characters with other people, animals and, in some cases, items of importance.

Jack-and-Locke reuinon The End
Jack and Locke reunite after death. ("The End")

Before the crash

Walt "meets" Michael in Australia. ("Special")
Hurley-dad before crash
Hugo listens to his father, David.("Tricia Tanaka Is Dead")

On the Island

Season One

Season 1
Sayid and Charlie return Aaron to Claire. ("Exodus, Part 3")

Season Two

Season 2
Kate and Jack tend to Michael in the jungle. ("S.O.S.")

Season Three

Season 3.1
Alex Rousseau and her mother, Danielle. ("Through the Looking Glass, Part 2")

Season Four

Season 4
Rose and Bernard (center) celebrate their victory over The Others. ("The Beginning of the End")

Season Five

Season 5.1
James "LaFleur" Sawyer, helps bring in Kate, Hurley, and Jack to the Dharma Initiative in 1977. ("LaFleur")

Season Six

Season 6
Vincent keeps Jack company during Jack's final moments on the island. ("The End")

After rescue

Locke-in-Casket after resuce
Jack looks at the corpse of John Locke. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 3")

Back on the Island

Back on the Island Jin-and-Sun8 with other candidates
Jin and Sun finally reunite on the island. ("The Last Recruit")

After death

Jack and Charlie
Jack looks at Charlie on board Oceanic Flight 815 in the flash-sideways. (LA-X, Parts 1&2)
Ben-Linus-and LockeEuropean-History
Locke introduces himself to "Dr." Linus. (The Candidate)
  • Desmond when he runs over Locke outside of the school (Happily Ever After)
  • Sun and Locke as both are being brought into St. Sebastian Hospital; Jack and Locke in surgery at the hospital and Desmond and Claire at the adoption agency (The Last Recruit)
  • Desmond, with Sawyer and Miles, when he turned himself into the police station; with Sayid and Kate inside the LA jail; and Ana Lucia with Hurley and Sayid as they escape from custody (What They Died For)
Aaron, Claire, and Charlie together in the flash-sideways. (The End)
  • Juliet and Sawyer at St. Sebastian Hospital vending machine; Juliet with Sun and Jin at the ultrasound; Sawyer with Sun and Jin at the hospital; Shannon and Sayid outside of a bar, Claire, Charlie, and Aaron and Daniel and Charlotte at the concert and Jack and Locke, Desmond, Boone, Hugo, Sawyer, Charlie, Claire, Aaron, Jin, Sun, Sayid. Also, Shannon, Rose, Bernard, Juliet, Libby, Penny, Kate, and Christian Shephard in the church before "moving on". (The End)


Epilogue BenAndWalt
Walt being "recruited" by Ben at Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute. ("The New Man in Charge")