"Reunion and Reneging" is an orchestral piece from the Season 6 soundtrack.

Scene description

Sawyer's group arrive at Hydra Island and swim ashore. Widmore's team confront them with guns but lower their arms when Zoe says that she knows Sawyer. Jin arrives, spots Sun and runs to embrace her. She regains her voice and says aloud that she loves him. Zoe radios Widmore and then tells Sawyer's group to put their hands up and kneel down. Sawyer asks about his deal but Zoe says the deal is off, she checks that Widmore has a sightline on Locke and says to fire when ready. Jack swims back to the beach where the Man in Black and seven Others await on shore. Widmore fires the mortar, its rounds land in their midst and throws Jack and some of the others through the air. "Locke" runs to Jack who is prone in the sand and carries him inland as another shell hits. "Locke" puts Jack down and says to him that he should not worry, because: "You're with me now."

Full list of appearances

The new motif from "Reunion and Reneging" plays during the following scenes:


The piece begins with its new motif before moving into a variation on Jin and Sun's theme. It then returns to its own motif. Jack's motif and Locke's motif play close to the end.

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