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Below is a list of thread titles and summaries on the Retrievers of Truth message board.

April 12th
Thread title: The revolution starts not with a bang but a whisper
Thread starter: DSLerator
Summary The group discuss the opening of the board and general server issues.
Subtext DSLerator and Fiberoptician imply that Wednesdays will be a significant day for their boards, though the next two posts are dated on Tuesdays.
April 19th
Thread title: I have a bad feeling about this
Thread starter: BroadBandBeatnik
Summary The Hanso Foundation is discussed for the first time. The group comment on how they visited for a PR stunt, and an email which has been circling around about a conspiracy theory. Fiberoptician seems to doubt the Foundation are actually involved in some corrupt practices.
Subtext Presumably N/A
April 26th
Thread title: What are they trying to hide right under our noses
Thread starter: DSLerator
Summary Alvar Hanso's photo on the Hanso website is addressed. The group also decide that their board needs to be password hidden, realizing that Hanso's logo and image is one of ying-yang;good and bad.
Subtext Alvar Hanso's photo was where Persephone hid one of her flash hacks on May 8th.
April 30th
Thread title: The dog ate my board work
Thread starter: DSLerator
Summary DSLerator explains that the new "dog site" will soon be up, whilst the others talk about the new site's web design.
Subtext The "dog site" refers to the main ROT site, suggesting that the board was moved and given a cover blog to hide its threads. The "morphing logo" refers to the yellow logo that changes to red after logging in, and the entire flattery about the site could be an in-game shout-out to Hi-ReS!, the company which produced all Lost Experience sites.
May 3rd
Thread title: Pay no attention to that elephant in the room
Thread starter: DSLerator
Summary DSLerator is quizzed on who his contact is, and the workers agree on the Foundation's suspicious activities.
Subtext Fiberoptician's reference to "Hanso Broadband for Dolphins®" is probably in relation to Joop, an orangutan the Foundation experimented on (along with possibly other animals).
May 10th
Thread title: You'd be amazed at what you can find if you look
Thread starter: Fiberoptician
Summary The workers discuss the Hanso site being hacked, as well as the password, breaking strain. They also question whether they can trust Persephone.
Subtext Though the post was only accessible in June, its date coincides with the start of the Lost Experience, around the time players were also finding these clues.
May 17th
Thread title: Man smart, monkey smarter
Thread starter: DSLerator
Summary The Joop section of the Hanso site is discussed, while iobiSeeingYou defends the security of the site.
Subtext The discussion of Joop links to a Persephone hack which showed the Foundation taking over their regulatory body, the GWC. FiOS, also mentioned in the thread, is actually a product of the Verizon company, for which all four posters supposedly work for in the game.
May 24th
Thread title: Hanso in da house!!!!
Thread starter: DSLerator
Summary Mittelwerk's return to the Verizon office sparks debate amongst the workers.
Subtext DSLerator's link is in fact the old Hanso Foundation website. However, information from it is often considered "non-canon" and obsolete as it was produced long before the game's elements were finalized.
May 31st
Thread title: The media is their weapon of choice
Thread starter: iobiSeeingYou
Summary Iobi points out the legal case surrounding the Bad Twin novel, as well as Hugh McIntyre and his appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"
Subtext The disclaimer Iobi refers to is in relation to the apparent legal battle of slander launched by the Foundation against the book. The mention of the photo concerns Hugh's image being removed from the site, after the explanation that it was actually of his predecessor (in reality, it was a stock photo used before the McIntyre role was cast).
June 7th
Thread title: The gospel according to DSL
Thread starter: DSLerator
Summary DSLerator talks about his childhood while iobiSeeingYou hints at a password.
Subtext The site Iobi links to contained the word "parthenogenesis" in the source code. This was the password for a Persephone hack.
June 14th
Thread title: Too legit to quit
Thread starter: DSLerator
Summary The workers talk about their now legitimate status as part of the Hanso resistance group, being given a podcast by DJ Dan to distribute.
Subtext Presumably N/A
June 16th
Thread title: Speak up if you got something to say
Thread starter: DSLerator
Summary DSLerator explains how someone has been trying to contact him, and wonders if it is a friend or foe.
Subtext Presumably N/A
June 19th
Thread title: The best place to hide something is right under our noses
Thread starter: iobiSeeingYou
Summary The Hanso Foundation is further discussed, and iobi clues to a video she uploaded on
Subtext iobi actually uploaded a Rachel Blake video diary entry of her investigation of the Hanso Foundation.
June 20th
Thread title: The ticking clock
Thread starter: BroadBandBeatnik
Summary The workers try to implicitly discuss the Rachel Blake video hidden on
Subtext Reference is made to the pizza outfit Blake wears in her video. They also mention the song title "Last night a DJ saved my life", a possible reference to DJ Dan.
June 23rd
Thread title: While they're down, we're up to no good
Thread starter: DSLerator
Summary The group talk about the closure of the Hanso site, and DSLerator hints about his contacts once again.
Subtext Presumably N/A
June 26th
Thread title: If you don't get it, you don't get it
Thread starter: iobiSeeingYou
Summary iobi reveals her new hints and clues.
Subtext The answer to the clue is "Wilkommen" (welcome in English), the first word in the first song of "Cabaret." The clue relates to a Rachel Blake video, which required a series of words to unlock.
June 27th
Thread title: Our AIM is true
Thread starter: Fiberoptician
Summary The workers argue about communicating other IM.
Subtext Presumably N/A.
June 29th
Thread title: Spy me to the moon
Thread starter: Fiberoptician
Summary Fiber hints about a development involving Mandrake Wig.
Subtext Fiber clues to a newsletter release from ROT, which would give the first in a series of code words (which was BLOOD). Using these codes, one could unlock a letter concerning the Spider Protocol.
June 30th
Thread title: By the power of gravy... I HAVE THE POWER!
Thread starter: BroadBandBeatnik
Summary BroadBand posts a new DJ Dan podcast link with no-one around to help him hide it.
Subtext Presumably N/A.
July 1st
Thread title: The clue's the thing
Thread starter: iobiSeeingYou
Summary DSLerator jokes about a play he's concocted.
Subtext Mention of a waitress is a clue to "check", one of the words that would unlock a Rachel Blake video. SORROW was also significant to the Spider Protocol mystery, being the second password.
July 3rd
Thread title: Now what do I do with all these words?
Thread starter: iobiSeeingYou
Summary The workers discuss what to do with all the word clues they have.
Subtext The four explain to use the words in sequence in a URL. They also mention that the password must be found independently. In reality, the password could be found on Rachel Blake's blog in tandem with the URL reveal.
July 14th
Thread title: How'd you like a greasy pork sandwich served in a dirty ashtray?
Thread starter: Fiberoptician
Summary When a Mittelwerk video is posted on, the workers suspect BroadBandBeatnik might have betrayed them.
Subtext The Mittelwerk video on the site promoted broadband and all its benefits. It would later be learned that Beatnik was told to upload the video by Rachel Blake, in order to humiliate the Foundation (promoting broadband considering all the hacking troubles they were having).
July 21st
Thread title: 3 will... 3 will... ROCK YOU!
Thread starter: DSLerator
Summary Now one member down, the group discuss changing their password, their departed poster, and Korean food.
Subtext Hoo-gonchoi is not actually a food, it actually relates to a Korean minister mentioned previously in the Lost Experience. The name was there as a password, and with it one could unlock a Rachel Blake video.
July 27th
Thread title: The prodigal son returns
Thread starter: BroadBandBeatnik
Summary BroadBandBeatnik's return to the boards causes arguments about his loyalties.
Subtext Presumably N/A.
August 15th
Thread title: DSL is on the C-A-S-E!
Thread starter: iobiSeeingYou
Summary The workers discuss who could have uploaded the Mittelwerk video if it was not BroadBandBeatnik.
Subtext Presumably N/A.
August 18th
Thread title: To tell a sleuth
Thread starter: DSLerator
Summary DSLerator challenges BroadBandBeatnik once again with new evidence that he betrayed the group.
Subtext On, "taking the tour" led players through the site. Then, clicking and "listening" to the speaker revealed a glyph as part of the portion of the game. BroadBandBeatnik also implies that he uploaded the Mittelwerk video on behalf of Rachel Blake.
August 30th
Thread title: Delivering the goods
Thread starter: iobiSeeingYou
Summary The group receive a package with chocolate inside.
Subtext The package is presumably from Rachel Blake as a thank you for their help.
September 4th
Thread title: With the end in sight the team must call the next play
Thread starter: iobiSeeingYou
Summary With the Hanso Foundation's influence diminishing, Fiberoptician hints at further developments in Rachel Blake's investigations.
Subtext Fiber is actually hinting to the location of a new glyph. On, clicking the baseball and then the stands on the football stadium flash causes the spectators to hold up the new glyph code "QUARANTINE".
September 19th (dated 13th on site)
Thread title: It appears Roswell wasn't just a one hit wonder
Thread starter: iobiSeeingYou
Summary Iobi worries that the Hanso Foundation are still as strong as ever, and upping their game against their enemies.
Subtext Presumably N/A.

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