This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
The Lost Experience
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This transcript is a copy of conversation logged on the board, as part of the alternate reality game, The Lost Experience. The text is for historical purposes.

The official Lost Experience website housing these threads has been shutdown after the end of the alternate reality game, meaning all message threads there are no longer accessible. Using fansite primary sources, however, Lostpedia has recovered all the transcripts, and we believe we now have accurate copies of the original texts.

Thread title - Pay no attention to that elephant in the room

Thread date - 05.03.06 (though only accessible when the site was first launched in June)

9:35am I'm getting tired of these Hanso people.

9:38pm - What's the deal?

9:40am Their projects are shady and I don't like whatever it is they are up to.

9:45am What, you don't want to make Hanso Broadband for Dolphins®?

9:48am That's exactly what I'm saying. Am I the only one that thinks Hanso is planning to use us and our technologies to further their schemes?!

9:50am - No I hear you. And I'm not handing over any codes to any droids.

9:52am I'm sure we can get someone to listen if we notice anything really suspicious. DSL, confess who is your water cooler source?

10:00am Yeah, like I'm gonna up and tell you all my secrets. You could be one of THEM!!! ;-PPPPP I kid, I kid... And what exactly is your definition of suspicious? I'd say they crossed that line on day one.

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