There have been many restaurants that have appeared in the episodes of Lost. Some of these places are key features to the story line where characters have met or best parts of somebody's flashback.

List of restaurants

Name Image Appearance & Description
Unknown 1x08 Sawyer Con resturant
Fly Away Cafe Airport2
Unknown Waiter
  • Locke had dinner with Helen in this restaurant, and she gifted him the key to her house. ("Orientation")
Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack Hurleycluck
Unknown 2X05-SunJae
Keith's Diner 2X13-SawyerFlash
  • Kate and gave Diane Janssen, her mother, insurance forms for her house after she blew it up with her mother's husband inside. ("What Kate Did")
  • Sawyer met with Gordy talking about the long con of Cassidy ("The Long Con")
  • Diane Janssen was working when Kate met her in the bathroom with Cassidy's help. ("Left Behind")
Dina's Coffee Shop Libbydes
Unknown Stranger-cap-288
Le Portail d'Arabie LePortailD'Arabie
  • Sayid meets Sami, also an Iraqi, who offers a job at his more prominent restaurant. ("Enter 77")
Le Jardin Croissant Fertile 3X11 AmiraCat
Die Mauer 4x03-cap068
مقهئ اليتكري Iraqimerchant 4x09
Rainbow Drive-In 5x01RainbowDrive-In
Unknown 5x13-MilesAuditionRestaurant
La Vida Tacos 5x13 La Vida Tacos
Kashmir Curry 5x14 Kashmir Curry
Kanpai Bar and Grill Keamy i make good eggs
Spanish Johnny's 6x12 Spanish Johnny's 1

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