The Renaissance Ilikai Waikiki Hotel is a filming location in Honolulu. The hotel is frequently used in filming and has special packages for film crews. The building is used in numerous scenes in Lost:

  1. 1x06 "House of the Rising Sun", 1x17 "...In Translation", 2x16 "The Whole Truth", 3x02 "The Glass Ballerina" Jin & Sun's apartment filmed in the Harborview Suite
  2. 1x08 "Confidence Man" Sawyer and Jessica's motel room (unconfirmed)
  3. 1x13 "Hearts and Minds" Boone's hotel room (unconfirmed)
  4. 1x16 "Outlaws" Sawyer's hotel room filmed in the Kokohead Suite
  5. 1x23 "Exodus, Part 1", 1x24 "Exodus, Part 2", 2x16 "The Whole Truth" Michael and Walt's, Charlie's, Hurley's, and Ana-Lucia's hotel rooms, hotel lobby, and driveway
  6. 2x05 "...And Found" Mr. and Mrs. Paik's house filmed in the Diamond Head Suite
  7. 2x16 "The Whole Truth" Jae Lee's apartment filmed in the Penthouse
  8. 3x02 "The Glass Ballerina" Hallway to Jae Lee's hotel room

The Ilikai Hotel is located at:
1777 Ala Moana Blvd.
Honolulu, HI 96815

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