A record player was found in the Swan, along with a large LP vinyl music collection in bookshelves. A record player was also shown in Juliet's apartment ("Not in Portland"). A phonograph was used by Oldham outside his hippie tent. ("He's Our You")

Swan's record player

Turntable wood.jpg
The wood paneled prop version of The Swan's record player, from "Adrift", possibly a Dual 1229 (Google Images)

A similar closeup was depicted previously in Ep. 2x01 "Man of Science, Man of Faith"

  • A record player was discovered in the Swan, along with a library of LP records and other 70's paraphernalia, such as a lava lamp and computer hardware of that era.
    • At least two record players in the Swan have been depicted, one with a silver colored front facade, and the other with a taller wooden one (see continuity errors).
      • The silver unit is a Technics Quartz D.D. Automatic Turntable SL-Q3.
      • The wood paneled unit may be a Dual 1229 (Google Images)
      • The cartridge used in these props appears to be a Shure M 44-7 or older identical model. It is unknown if these turntable units actually are fully functional.


Turntable silver.jpg
The silver prop version of The Swan's record player, from "S.O.S.".
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Music played on the Swan record player:

Juliet's record player

Turntable cartridge.jpg
Closeup of the arm, headshell and cartridge model from "S.O.S.".
  • A record player was turned off by Juliet in her apartment with her sister Rachel. It had been left running with the needle tracking the end-groove. ("Not in Portland")

Pierre Chang's record player

Pierre Chang had a record player in his house in the Barracks, which he listened to Shotgun Willie on before it began skipping. Later that day, he crossed paths with a time traveling Daniel Faraday, who had previously described to the survivors that the time flashes were like a record skipping. ("Because You Left")

Oldham's phonograph

Oldham was playing I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby by Billie Holiday on his phonograph in front of his teepee. ("He's Our You")

Sawyer's record player

A record player was playing The Stooges' Search and Destroy when The Man in Black arrived to recruit Sawyer at his house in the Barracks.

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