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Reading Lost
Roberta Pearson
I. B. Tauris
Publish Date
February 3, 2009

Reading Lost is a collection of essays by top television scholars, covering issues of industrial strategies, cultural representations and aesthetics.


"This book is a comprehensive guide to the one of the most successful TV dramas in global television history. Created by wunderkind J.J. Abrams, the award-winning series Lost began in 2004 and will end after its sixth season in 2010. Reading Lost delves into the aspects that attract 15 million viewers a week: cinematic visuals, complex narrative, and a diverse, international cast. Also addressed are the show's multitude of mystifying elements and plot twists including the polar bear, the four-toed statue, and the "Others." The book also includes an up-to-date episode guide."

About Author

"Roberta Pearson is Professor of Film and Television Studies and Director of the Institute of Film and Television Studies at the University of Nottingham. She has authored, co-authored and co-edited numerous books and articles, including American Cultural Studies,A Critical Dictionary of Film and Television Theory and Cult Television. She is currently editing the forthcoming Companion to Television Genres."


  • "Introduction: Why Lost? -- Roberta Pearson
  • How Lost Found its Audience: The Making of a Cult Blockbuster -- Stacey Abbott
  • The Fictional Institutions of Lost: World Building, Reality, and the Economic Possibilities of Narrative Divergence -- Derek Johnson
  • Television Out of Time: Watching Cult Shows On Download -- Will Brooker
  • The Gathering Place: Lost in Oahu -- Julian Stringer
  • Lost logos: Channel 4 and the Branding of American Event Television -- Paul Grainge
  • Lost in a Great Story: Evaluation in Narrative Television (and Television Studies) -- Jason Mittell
  • Chain of Events: Regimes of Evaluation and Lost's Construction of the Televisual Character -- Roberta Pearson
  • `Do you even know where this is going?': Lost's Viewers and Narrative Premeditation -- Ivan Askwith
  • Lost in Genre: Chasing the White Rabbit to Find a White Polar Bear -- Angela Ndalianis
  • Lost in the Orient: Transnationalism Interrupted -- Michael Newbury
  • We're Not in Portland Anymore: Lost and Its International Others -- Jonathan Gray
  • `A fabricated Africanist persona': Race, Representation, and Narrative Experimentation in Lost -- Celeste-Marie Bernier
  • Queer(ying) Lost -- Glyn Davis and Gary Needham"

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