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Ray served aboard the freighter Kahana as the ship's physician.

On the freighter

Season 4 (Days 94-99)

Dr.Ray, Sayid, and Desmond encounter Kevin Johnson.("Ji Yeon")

Ray attempted to care for George Minkowski, who began suffering from the disorienting effects of a time-transported consciousness after Minkowski and Brandon's ill-fated attempt to venture to the Island.

As a result, Minkowski was strapped to a cot in sickbay. When Desmond came on the boat, exhibiting similar symptoms, Ray was sent to examine Desmond. Ignoring Minkowski's cries of "I'm not crazy, Ray!" he sedated Minkowski and began to examine Desmond, and witnessed Desmond "experience something." Sayid and Frank then entered with the satellite phone, causing Ray to act violently. Sayid pinned Ray up against the wall, but Ray was still able to sound the alarm. He then left with Keamy and Omar, after they locked Sayid and Desmond in with Minkowski. ("The Constant")

Days later, he witnessed the suicide of Regina on the deck of the ship whilst escorting Sayid and Desmond to the Captain.

Doc Ray is told about the morse code transmission by Omar.("Cabin Fever")

Some time after this, he appeared to Desmond and Sayid to take them to their rancid new room. Upon arrival, they discovered cockroaches and a large bloodstain on the wall. Mentioning it already should have been cleaned, he called Kevin Johnson over to wipe up the stain, inadvertently revealing to Sayid and Desmond that Johnson is Michael. ("Ji Yeon")

He was then seen talking to Omar soon after Keamy's crew returned, when Omar received a morse code message. That night, he was helping Keamy load the luggage, and was told by Omar about the morse code message he received, which stated Ray was dead. Frank then arrived, refusing to take Keamy to the island. Keamy then slit Ray's throat to show Frank his threat was legitimate, and threw Ray over the stern of the ship. ("Cabin Fever")

On the Island

Season 4 (Day 97)

Doc Ray's corpse.("The Shape of Things to Come")

On day 97 on the island, his body washes ashore, with his throat slit. Daniel contacts the freighter using the partially repaired satellite phone asking what has happened to the doctor. Bernard decodes Omar's response which states that the doctor is fine. However, this is merely because of the time difference between the Island and the Kahana.("The Shape of Things to Come").


  • During casting for "The Constant", he was described as "Ray, 40s-50s, any ethnicity, psychiatrist, cold, professional type who can do what's necessary to get the job done... Very nice co-star that could turn into a possible recur as a guest star".[1]
  • He was not credited as either a guest star or a co-star in "The Constant", despite the importance of his role.
  • The actor who portrays him, Marc Vann, usually plays cold, dour professionals. He is perhaps best known as the uptight department supervisor Conrad Eckley on CSI. The description of Ray's role (see first note above) could serve an excellent description of Conrad, as well as his character Gray in the movie "Payback" and his character Deputy Jackson in the movie "U.S. Marshalls."

Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions
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  • Where did his cheek wound come from?
  • Why, when his body washed up on the beach, was the wound less healed and still had stitches in it?
  • Why did he seem to think the boat was "moving?"
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