Rainbow Six
Tom Clancy
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Rainbow Six is a novel by Tom Clancy shown in the episode "Orientation". This book was written in 1998.

The book revolves around John Clark, a man who conducts missions under the sanction of President Ryan. Clark battles a group of terrorists so extreme that they threaten life as we know it.

In Lost

  • A copy of the book is found on the shelf in the Swan hatch, shown very briefly.

Similarities and shared themes

  • Sickness
    • The villains in the book are a secret conspiracy planning on spreading a plague to wipe out humanity. In the Lost Experience it has been revealed that the Hanso Foundation is also planning on spreading a disease to wipe out a large percentage of humanity.


  • One of the book's chapters, and numerous computer games based on the Rainbow Six book is entitled "Lockdown".
  • The publish date of this book (1998) was long after the time that the Swan was supposedly built (before 1980, the date of the Swan orientation film). This is likely due to prop error (background filler material used, not meant to be analyzed), given the extremely brief appearance of the book, though fans have used this to support hatch restocking theories. It is just as likely that someone who arrived since then brought it with them.
  • In the video games Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, which are loosely based on Clancy's series, a character's name is Michael Walter.
  • The Tom Clancy video games are produced by Ubisoft, makers of Lost: Via Domus.

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