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John rain

Locke sitting in the rain. ("Pilot, Part 1")

Rain is a frequent occurrence in Lost, usually supporting dramatic effect and accompanying significant scenes or plot twists.

"It's going to start raining in one minute. You should turn back." — John Locke


Season 1[]


Jack getting beaten down by Ethan in the rain ("All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues")

Season 2[]


Ana Lucia after she shot Shannon in the rain. ("Abandoned")  ("The Other 48 Days")


Desmond in the rain after being released from prison ("Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1")

Season 3[]

3x08 desmond rain

Desmond predicts the rain. ("Flashes Before Your Eyes")

4x01 DanielFaraday

Faraday lands on the island. ("The Beginning of the End")

Season 4[]


Rain begins to fall as the survivor factions split. ("The Beginning of the End")

Season 5[]

5x01 LonelyLocke

Locke finds himself separated from Richard and the Others. ("Because You Left")

  • When Locke is all alone in the jungle after the first time shift. ("Because You Left")
  • When Jack goes to inquire Carole about what she knows about Aaron. ("The Little Prince")
  • When the remaining people on the island are teleported to 1988 from an unknown time, also first appearance of the French science expedition. ("The Little Prince")

Season 6[]

6x09 ISeeTheDevil

The Black Rock approaches the statue of Taweret during a storm. ("Ab Aeterno")

  • When Jack is looking into the pond at the Temple, his reflection is distorted by rain drops. ("Lighthouse")
  • It is lightly raining when Sayid returns to the Temple to relay the message of The Man in Black ("Sundown")
  • Richard rode his horse in the rain to find a doctor. The doctor then refused to accompany him because it was raining. ("Ab Aeterno")
  • The Black Rock was caught in a storm when passing by the Island, causing the ship to be swept inland. ("Ab Aeterno")
  • It rains one night while Richard is in chains in the Black Rock. ("Ab Aeterno")
  • It begins to rain when Desmond pulls the plug from the Source, and continues during the final battle between Jack and the Man in Black. Interestingly, the rain seems to be what woke Jack up, so that he could go after the Man in Black. As soon as the Man in Black is dead, the rain stops. ("The End")

Predicting the rain[]

Locke, Desmond and Juliet have all accurately predicted the sudden rainstorms.

Production notes[]


Simulated rain with fire hoses. (Welcome to Oahu)

  • According to "Welcome to Oahu", it rained for 12 days straight during the filming of "Pilot, Part 1" and "Pilot, Part 2", and at times the set completely flooded and nearly destroyed equipment.
  • At the same time as natural rain was coming down, they were also simulating rain, by pointing several full-sized fire hoses at the actors.