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Radzinsky's gunmen
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Radzinsky's gunmen were two strong members of the DHARMA Initiative who worked at The Swan. Both died in the Battle at the Swan.

On the Island


It's unknown when the gunmen came to the Island, but they may hace come along with Faraday and the other scientists working at The Swan, as neither of the gunmen appeared before "The Variable".

Not long after Faraday's arrival, they engaged in the Motor Pool battle with Radzinsky against Faraday, Kate and Jack. Both gunmen survived the battle.

Then, they followed Radzinsky to sounded the alarm. Afterward, they entered LaFleur and Juliet's house. Radzinsky noticed that Phil was held captive in their closet, so the gunmen helped him to take LaFleur and Juliet to the security office, and held them as prisoners.

After that, the gunmen went to the construction site of the Swan, along with Phil and Walter under Radzinsky's orders, and they engaged in the Battle at the Swan with Radzinsky against the survivors again. Both gunmen were killed this time.


  • Neither gunmen was credited in the episodes that featured them, but they were credited in promotional photos.

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