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A screencap of Armand Zander

This article details Rachel Blake's first Iceland Video, from the Lost Experience.



Text Transcript

Well, looks like you guys kept yourself busy while I was en route to Iceland - a couple of you had the most interesting conversation following yesterday's post. Check it out:

UdonPaul331: I think Rachel is correct about Vigi Benoffski. I am from his home city, Kolobrzeg, in Poland. He teaches at the local University, and I happened to find this memo in my professor’s office:

Roughly translated, this says Benoffski was to appear at a mathematics symposium in Perth, Australia... I checked the dates - they overlap with the SAME DATE he died in that fire in Iceland. How is that possible?

KemicalRXN654321: It's not. Benoffski must have been lying.

UdonPaul331: So, you think the memo was a cover? For what, though? I guess if you think about it... the letter was typed. Anybody could have written it.

KemicalRXN654321: I wouldn't say just anybody.

Well, there you have it. I knew there was more to this.

19.40 Update

Anyway, Iceland.

This place is gorgeous. Can't help but wish I were here under different circumstances. Course, if Mittelwerk knew I was here because of him, bet he'd say the same thing.

I'm staying in Reykjavik, the capital. Today, I drove down to Vik, at the southern tip of the island, and headed over to the Vik Academy. The local police were there, as well as some reporters... and, of course, who did I see walking the grounds with the Vik Institute's director, Armand Zander?

GidgetGirl had it right. Thomas Werner Mittelwerk is here. And he's brought a few of his goons. (Think one of them's my iron victim?)

Waiting was tough, but once Mittelwerk left, I managed to convince Armand Zander to meet me at a local restaurant for a chat. Yeah, I may have bent the truth a tiny bit about who I am. But, you won't believe the stuff I found out.

Now, before you find and watch the VIDEO buried somewhere on the web, you'd better go ahead and refresh your memory of Zander's LETTER to Mittelwerk...

Because that letter is how I got Zander to talk.

Yeah. I know.

I'm sure you're right there with me in wondering... What have I gotten myself into?

Does anyone else feel like we've just taken a sharp ninety-degree turn?

I don't know what I was expecting, but I guess I was anticipating the words "ship" or "map" or "island" - or geez, ALVAR HANSO - to factor into what's happened at the Vik Institute.

Definitely not an enclave of world-renowned mathematicians.

I've emailed Zander - he seemed pretty spooked at the restaurant, but maybe he'll come around and give us something more to go on.

In the meantime, hit me with your comments. If you have even a CLUE as to why Mittelwerk would have these mathematicians hiding in a mental hospital, running some arcane equation through the brains of a bunch of autistic savants, post about it. And while you're at it - take a stab at the hieroglyphics.

Good hunting.

Video Transcript

Smile, you're on pursecam. I'm about to meet with Armand Zander, director of the Vik Institute, where that mathemetician just happened to be visiting a mental patient. Wish me luck.

(Car door shuts. Rachel and Zander are seen discussing)

Z: We are, of course, very strict about enforcing visiting hours, but (he laughs) mistakes do happen—

R: I know that's the story you practiced, and it's convincing, but I'm not from the Times, Doctor.

Z: I, uh... Who are you?

R: Just a concerned citizen--

Z: No, you have 3 seconds to come clean before I walk out.

(R is silent, Zander begins to get up but R grabs his hand.)

R: I -read- your letter.

Z: (scoff) What letter?

R: The one to Mittelwerk, about the savants, the forced memory tests, the THIRD BASEMENT? They lied to you, they're lying to everyone, they don't want the world to know that Vigi Benoffski was at your institute, WHY?

Z: I can't talk to you—

R: Listen: I might not be from the Times, but if you walk out that door, the people knocking at your door tomorrow, they -will- be!

Z: I... I didn't know what I was getting into when I took this job.

R: And what are you getting into?

Z: You... (The waitress comes to refill their waters, R and Z look at each other nervously, she leaves and Z continues) You read my letter. The third basement, Miss Blake, it's not full of mental patients! They are mathe--(the tape skips here) mathematicians! Pulled from the world's finest, paid to come in, undercover, and work in secret, only I'm sure some of them don't want to be there. ... I don't know... they work day and night on this equation. And there's the savants.

R: What about them?

Z: These are autistic savants, Miss Blake, their computational powers are unsurpassed! They keep them in this room—it's comfortable, I've seen to that, first and foremost I am a doctor—but all day, they are running this equation over and over, over...

R: What kind of equation is this?

Z: It's like nothing I've seen. There are these... symbols. I asked one of the mathematicians, and he said they were representantational.

R: Representational of what?

Z: I've always thought they looked like... egyptian hieroglyphics. There are 5, maybe six of them in there, and, it's a vulture, a staff, a—

R: (grabs Z's hand) You -need- to show me them.

Z: (pulls his hand away) I've answered your questions, Miss Blake, now answer mine—(he grabs at her, she pulls away) Who are you? Why are you doing this?

R: The answer to that is the reason that I can't tell you. Trust me, you're safer not knowing. Dr. Zander, while you still have a chance, GET AWAY FROM THEM.

Z: (scoffs) There is no getting away from them... Haven't you realized that yet?

Thanks to gbm601 on the Blake comments section for transcript.

Video Location

The video was originally under the 'links' section of the Gary Troup website labelled 'other'. However, it appears that high demand caused downloads to be extremely slow and eventually led to the site crashing.

  • It can now be found by looking at the source code of the links page on the Gary Troup website.


  • Rachel mentions The Times newspaper and could be referring to the American or English paper.
  • As Rachel is in Iceland, her 'cover blog' has also changed to detail a so-called 'holiday' in the country.
  • The hieroglyphs Zander speaks of are the same hieroglyphs from the Swan station in LOST.
  • Once again, reference is made to Rachel's underlying motives for what she does, reinforcing the recurring mystery around Rachel Blake's experiences.
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