This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
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This article details a post by Rachel Blake as part of The Lost Experience


Text Transcript


Video Location

  • Clicking on the image in the blog takes players to the compass site.
  • Clicking on the left side of the main flash brings up a login box. Entering the aforementioned code rblake and honourbar will cause a subdirectory to open. My_docs then opens to a link zero_n_such [1]. This then redirects to a Jeep error page.
  • This top of the page says well... one of us is Lost, and clicking on the word Lost links to the main Jeep flash site.
  • From here, you should findsafety/security on the left navigation bar. This takes users to here, and clicking "crush zones" at the front of the car flash will bring up the video. Click on view demo for the video to begin playing.
  • Or the video can be viewed here on YouTube [2].

Video Transcript

Rachel: There’s no way out of here!

Man: Listen to me! Don’t make me shoot the lock off!

Rachel: Get away!!!

(The man in black from previous posts, the man who Rachel hit with an iron, bursts through the door)

Man in black: Don’t scream! Come to me, stay low! Now!!

(Phone continues to ring, gunshot still fires as Rachel crawls to the door, shrieking from the gunfire)

Rachel: (scream)!

Man in black: Stop fighting.

Rachel: Get off of me!

Man in black: I’m not who you think I am!

(Rachel hits him)

Man in black: Ah, son of a…

(The camera jerks and shuffles as they run through the hotel, moving down some stairs to an underground passageway. Rachel seems to trip on the stairs, groaning. The man in black stops and runs back, pointing his gun at her)

Rachel: Don’t kill me.

Man in black: If I wanted to kill you, I’d have shot you with this thing already. It’s for my protection from them. Sit down.

Rachel: Them who?

Man in black: Them them, Mittelwerk. Turn that thing off, I’m gonna tell you everything you want to know.

Rachel: Who are you?

Man in black: Not on camera Miss Blake. Unless you want them to know who you really are.

(Both breathe heavily as Rachel puts on her glassescam and turns off the digital cam)


  • The video takes place immediately after the previous one.
  • The man in black could also be BroadBandBeatnik from the Retrievers of Truth forum. In the July 14 thread titled "How'd you like a greasy pork sandwich served in a dirty ashtray?" the other Verizon IT workers are shocked to discover that Beatnik took a job with THF.
  • Though dark, it did seem like Rachel put on her glassescam before turning off her digital camera.
    • Indeed, Speaker also noted in his blog that it looked like Rachel was putting on her glasses in front of the man who "experienced her iron-fu".
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