This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
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This article details a post by Rachel Blake as part of The Lost Experience


Text Transcript

Friday, July 14, 2006

Week4 Post3.jpg

Video Location

To view the video, click on the picture, which leads to; enter "listen" into the textbox; click on the Talib Kweli box; and then click on his left eye; opening up to the login. Enter the username and password (rblake and milkcartonman). The clue that led there was from Mel0drama's (confirmed blogger ID, not a fan) post to Rachel's blog comments:

...listen, look and watch...

'Listen' acted as the code, 'look' referred to Talib's left eye, and 'watch' referred to the video that players would watch as a result.

Video Transcript

Rachel: Darla I’m sorry, I didn’t hold up my end of the deal. If it was a trap meeting GidgetGirl here in Paris, I wanted it on camera. If it wasn’t her that called and it could have been anybody, I thought the camera, maybe that could somehow save me.

(shows the secretcam) I arrived ten minutes early. And waited. And waited.

The article

Maybe she showed, saw the glasses knew I had a camera, maybe she balked. I’ll never know. Remember this face (shows screen of news report saying “Accident Claims Two Lives”). McIntyre, 38, communications director of the philanthropic non-profit the Hanso Foundation apparently lost control of the vehicle. Officials pulled his body and that of Darla Taft, corporate liason for the Global Welfare Consortium from the submerged car initial ruling is that the crash was accidental. It was no accident! They were murdered! I…I can’t do this anymore, GidgetGirl, Darla, was a good person. We had a trust. I knew from the beginning that she was Hugh’s mistress and she knew that I was Perseph…(gunshot noises, then glass shattering)

Someone's shooting at me?! (gunshots) Someone’s shooting at me!!

(Phone rings)

Man’s voice: Open the door! (knocking)

Rachel: Oh my god! (knocking)

Mel0Drama's Message

Earlier in the day, Mel0Drama commented that she had received a "disturbing video". At the time, it was thought that this was yet another fake user masquerading as in-game. However, information suggests it was actually the real Mel0Drama

1) Rachel? Are you there? I was sent a video of you from an email account I don't recognize. The video is disturbing. I'm afraid for you. Did you send it to me?

2) Rachel, I'm taking your silence as a call for help. I know you wanted to make sure these videos are secure, but I think people need to see this video. I'm putting it where a lot of people can find it. I only hope you're not... no, I have to stop with the bad thoughts!

listen, look and watch

3) Okay. I've calmed down... one last try. I've set up the username/pass as the email directed me to. If it was really you who sent it, Rachel, post them to your blog. If I don't hear from you in one hour, I'll have to take matters into my own hands. I hope I'm not playing into their hands.

Gosh. Worried again.


  • The blog update was poorly done, with the image too large and the contents being pushed to the bottom of the page - not to mention a blog title of only "rblake milkcartonman" instead of "France 01" - suggesting a quick and flustered upload.
  • The News screen is a mock-up of the BBC news website from the United Kingdom, compare this image [1] design with this webpage example [2].
  • When events come to a head in the video, there is gunshot, a ringing phone, and a man at the door.

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