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The newspaper article about the fire

The old Persephone hack letter, discussing the basement level of the Vik Institute

This article details Rachel Blake's seventh Copenhagen post, from the Lost Experience.

Text transcript

I woke up this morning - in an unspecified new hotel - to find a bundle of info posted in the comments section. I've been lagging, I admit (a brush with death will do that), but I've finally caught up with all your theories.

And, you know what? I think I spoke too soon on Friday. Linmoo, you must sleep less than I do... those maps I caught on camera WERE from Lake Superior!!! My hat is off to all those who contributed to this incredible bit of sleuthing.

However... and I'm not doubting you guys... it's just... this doesn't seem to make sense! I KNOW what I saw - I keep replaying it over in my mind's eye - Mittelwerk grabbed my arm. I looked down and saw another map of an island near the zero degree latitude line. My lapel-cam didn't catch it, but, that IS the equator, isn't it?

And what about those shipping lanes?

Mittelwerk MUST be looking at multiple islands. But, for what? One step forward, two back. The same questions remain. Keep those comments coming.

Now, speaking of comments...

As many of you have probably noticed, GidgetGirl is back. If you don't remember, she's the one that blasted me for posting those photos of Hugh McIntyre and his mistress.

But despite that, GidgetGirl's got a heart and a conscience.

This intel is solid - so solid that, true to my word, I've already taken down those photos.

And, in the hopes that this intel is tip-of-the-iceberg, I'm also gonna go the extra step (I hope you're reading this GidgetGirl!) of giving her contributor privileges. I'll be sending you the admin info, GidgetGirl.

But, enough about that. Here's the post:

Rachel, I have two pieces of information to share. I realize now, having watched yesterday's video, that you're literally putting your life on the line for this. And though you know I'm not a huge fan of your methods, I respect what you're trying to do. (Though, I still wish I knew why.)

I know you're a skeptic, but I assure you, I'm in a position to share things that nobody else knows about The Hanso Foundation.

Your "friend," Thomas Werner Mittelwerk, has flown to Iceland. He's cleaning up a mess involving one of the mental health institutes sponsored by the Hanso Mental Health Appeal.

I intercepted this article - - as it came over the AP Wire the day of your last post. Read it, and I'm certain you'll be convinced.

Coincidence? I think not. A bunch of you guessed it - this has to be the "Institute" situation my uninvited hotel room guest was talking about with Mittelwerk.

So, was this renowned mathematician, Vigi Benoffski, really visiting a patient at the Vik Institute at 3am??? Or was he there for another reason?

What about the others? Were they with him? Patients? Visitors? Something else? I did a search on those names, and let me tell you... those three sure ain't from Iceland.

If you remember Armand Zander's letter to Mittelwerk - the one Persephone posted on the hacked Hanso Foundation website - it mentioned an inaccessible third basement level of the Vik Institute.

And from the AP article, it looked like Zander knew way more than he was willing to say.


Looks like we're heading to Iceland.


  • Rachel refers to Persephone in the third person.
  • GidgetGirl's Blog is the Vik article website; [1].
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