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Rachel going over the facts

This article details Rachel Blake's sixth Copenhagen Video, from the Lost Experience.



Text transcript

My heart's still pounding. Just FIND AND WATCH THE VIDEO.

Picture 1

Once my head stopped spinning, I realized a couple things.

One. I'm not registered under Rachel Blake at the hotel. In fact, I've been paying cash for everything. Meaning, I was followed. And, those maps Mittelwerk was carrying? They mean something.

Two. I'm pretty sure it was that same man-in-black Mittelwerk was talking to the day I bumped him...

Picture 2

You make the call. Am I right?

Either way, that phone call he took - it was definitely from Mittelwerk. Wish I'd had the presence to take the cell phone. But whatever.

I'm lucky. Lucky I got to him before he finished whatever he was there to do. I've got all my gear. I'm still alive.

What do you guys think he was talking about: "What fire? Which Institute?" Give me your ideas in the comments box - let's figure it out.

Anyway, I'm outta here. I've got to switch hotels. Though, if I had a destination in mind, I'd be saying good-bye to Denmark altogether...

Video location

Log onto the compass site as normal, clicking 'yes'. Under the trash section, an 'illumination' file links to a Jeep website. Click 'in back' on the upper left corner of the flash window. Then hover over the hotspot marked 'removable flashlight', and then click 'view demo' on the picture that appears at the bottom of the screen to see the video. It can also be found at YouTube [1]

Video transcript

(Backwards speech, "Mittelwerk, mittel...") [2]

Guys, we’ve got a problem. Mittelwerk and his Hanso Foundation cronies are officially off the gird, running to who knows where. I mean, I guess on the one hand I should be pretty happy, maybe that little street bumping incident spooked the good Doc, he’s accelerating things, cause he knows that we’re onto him, that we’re gonna get him. On the other hand, he’s gone, and I don’t have the funds or the time to buy a ticket to the wrong city. Maybe the answer’s in the facts. OK, just think. I’m in Copenhagen. I know that the number 2 officer at the Hanso Foundation, Thomas Werner Mittelwerk, is investigating the Hanso family shipping history, which just happens to involve the slave trade. I also know that another officer at the Hanso Foundation, Hugh McIntyre, is having an affair with someone from the Global Welfare Consortium. Now, seeing as the GWC is supposed to keep the Hanso Foundation’s of the world on the up and up, this is sort of like the Environmental Protection Agency sleeping with Exxon. And finally, a man named Mr.Paik has built a ship for the Hanso Foundation, which could relate to Mittelwerk’s investigation of an island by the Equator.

I don’t know. I just…Maybe I spooked Mittelwerk just a little bit too hard, I mean yeah I’ve learnt a lot but I don’t know where to jump to next (more inaudible noise in the background), I don’t even know where it all connects. I don’t even know if it connects to Hanso himself, I mean I guess maybe I should be grateful that I’m alive but alive is not giving us answers and we want answers don’t we! (rattling at the hotel door, Rachel goes to the peephole then hides in the next room. A man enters wearing a suit, the bodyguard from Post 005. He looks through Rachel’s stuff, then answers the phone).

Man: Yes?
Of course I’m working.
What fire?
OK, which institute?
Well if you need me I’ll gladly be there when I…
You hire me to fix things.
It’ll be fixed.
When I’m finished here!

(he moves to search other areas of the room, and when he turns his back on her hiding place, Rachel jumps out and hits him with an iron. After hitting him again, she grabs as much as she can and runs out of the room with the camera still on, whilst the man lies murmuring).

Well I guess maybe I’m onto something!


A message was posted by GidgetGirl on the comments section of the Rachel Blake site. Rachel replied and acknowledged this message the nest day in Post 007.

Rachel, I have two pieces of information to share. I realize now, having watched yesterday's video, that you're literally putting your life on the line for this. And though you know I'm not a huge fan of your methods, I respect what you're trying to do. (Though, I still wish I knew why.)

I know you're a skeptic, but I assure you, I'm in a position to share things that nobody else knows about The Hanso Foundation.

Your "friend," Thomas Werner Mittelwerk, has flown to Iceland. He's cleaning up a mess involving one of the mental health institutes sponsored by the Hanso Mental Health Appeal.

I intercepted this article - - as it came over the AP Wire the day of your last post. Read it, and I'm certain you'll be convinced.

Press Release

The press release Gidgetgirl provided describes the death of Vigi Benoffski, a noted mathemetician, who died the June 27 fire at the Vik Institute. He was allegedly a visitor at the Institute, but was suspiciously in the basement at 3:00 am.

See [3] for the press release.

Observations and Theories

  • The man who searches Rachel's hotel room has a British accent, and appears to be more important than a mere hired goon.
    • If Rachel was by herself before the man entered her hotel room, how did the camera zoom out as he first began searching the items on her bed?
    • May still have been one of Mittelwerk's bodyguards, perhaps his most loyal, which would explain his apparent importance.
  • Rachel has not yet acknowledged that her followers have found the island on the map, and still thinks it is somewhere near the Equator.
  • Her video is entitled Post 005, though this is most likely an error.
  • On letyourcompassguideyou when hovering over the 108, 216, or 252 you can see that WTK is written below an image of what appears to be a person in the lower left corner.
  • The fact that its been two days since Rachel Blake last posted has been jokily attributed by fans on the comment section to the notion that Rachel takes the weekend off (or perhaps the actress and team between the blogs does).
  • GidgetGirl's latest comment suggests that the fire was at the Vik Institute in Iceland, it started at basement level, and killed a prominent mathematician. Though the idea of a conspiracy is likely, the man in the suit's surprise that there was a fire should be noted (suggesting that Mittelwerk was unaware that a fire was going to happen).
  • Vigi Benoffski was working on the Valenzetti Equation.
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