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The LOST Experience
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The map seen by Rachel during the confrontation with Thomas Mittelwerk

This article details Rachel Blake's fifth Copenhagen Video, from the Lost Experience.


Text Transcript

Sometimes you just have to roll the dice and do something, well... incredibly stupid.

Let's hope it wasn't for nothing.

To ensure this is seen, and with the help of mel0drama (see Post 01), I have hidden this VIDEO somewhere on the web...

Picture 1

01.51 Update

01.51: I just watched it again. Not good. The look on Mittelwerk's face before he started to say that last bit... it was bordering on recognition. Has he been accessing this blog?

Well, if he has, guess I'm screwed anyway... so, "Howdy, Thomas!"

Deep breath. Okay. Moving on...

That map. Now, THAT has to mean something doesn't it?

Now, I know it looks like just a piece of coastline. But I saw a LOT more than my camera did. I'm pretty sure those maps were all of the same place - and, it was an island. Looked to me like it was near the equator. If you can, help me identify it. This could be the key to unravelling Mittelwerk's plan.

Any ideas on the island, post your comments below. I wish the map wasn't so blurry -- didn't exactly have the time to mount my camera on a tripod! Anyway... this is the best piece of info we've gotten yet. Let's not waste our opportunity.

Picture 2

03.08 Update

03.08: Look who’s back:

GidgetGirl: Rachel, I hate to be the crack of doom, but do you really think you're going to get any further by literally bumping into these guys?

ME: Got any better suggestions? Cause all I'm hearing is another Monday morning quarterback.

GidgetGirl: Look, all I'm saying is that if they didn't know who you were before, you're giving them an awfully good reason to figure you out. And, I don't get it. Why are you putting yourself at risk like this? Why are you doing this, Rachel? Who are you?

ME: I have my reasons. Most of them, I think I've made pretty clear.

GidgetGirl: No, this is personal for you. If you want us to help, why don't you tell us what's really going on?

ME: Because my reasons are MY reasons. I've given you more than enough to stand up with me on this. But, if you want to play that little game of the pot calling the kettle black, then I don't mind pointing out -- you're not exactly being forthcoming either, GidgetGirl.

GidgetGirl: Fine. You got me. We each have things we don't want to talk about. Let's move on.

ME: Great. Then, the question I have... the question that's keeping me up at night, is why am I the only one willing to put myself in the line of fire to stop these guys?

GidgetGirl: You're not. Not if you let me help. Now, you've said it yourself. You want ANSWERS instead of more QUESTIONS. If that's true, then all you have to do is agree to my terms.

ME: And what would those be?

GidgetGirl: Take down the photos of Hugh McIntyre.

ME: So, we're right back where we started?

No sale. I'll tell you the same thing I told Mel0Drama... This is how I work: if you give me a good tip up front... solid info that pans out? Then I'll be more than happy to take those pictures down. But for all I know, you ARE Hugh McIntyre.

ME: GidgetGirl?

07.10 Update

07.10: Can't sleep... checked the boards... Shocker, no word from GidgetGirl. And what kinda name is that anyway?

Oh well... at least we’ve got our work to keep us busy. Let’s figure out that map!

Rachel Blake, signing off... Live Long and Prosper.

Video Transcript

You know that feeling? It’s a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle. You know it, the piece you’re holding has to slide in right there, but no matter what you do it just won’t fit – wish I felt half that good.

(Hotel room)

Rachel here. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel frustrated. I mean, if this isn’t a vacation why do I feel like a sightseer. And are we any closer to finding Alvar Hanso? Why does one of the world’s most powerful billionaires run and hide? Can a person like that even care what happens to the rest of us? And as for the man holding the reigns, do we at the very least even know part of Mittelwerk’s gameplan? Best I can tell, they’re taking a new ship on an old route, but why, to find what? And what is it about this ship’s design that makes it so special? At this point, I can’t help but feeling that they’re gonna get away with whatever they’re trying to do, and that can’t happen. Following these guys around may be risky, but that isn’t enough anymore. I don’t feel like I’m going to get anywhere without taking some real action. Anything less, is giving up.

(In car)

You ready?

He’s gotten out of the car, I’m gonna follow.

OK, Mittelwerk’s gone in there, the Copenhagen Cartographic(al) Society. Guess we wait.

There he is, look he didn’t have that portfolio when he went in. If I get killed, its been nice knowing you… (walks towards him and collides)

RB: Why don’t you watch where the hell you’re going huh?!?
TM: I’m sorry...
RB: You plowed right the hell into me, you damn well better be sorry! Oh,...
TM: Miss?
RB: Oh, look at, get up - look at my acrylic - look at what you did to my nail!
TM: What are you doing?!?
RB: Oh I’m sorry, let me help you with that, ok...
TM: No - that will be quite enough!!
RB: Ow, get off me!
TM: Do I know...
Bodyguard: Sir, are you alright?
TM: I’m fine.
Bodyguard: You can be on your way, miss.

(Hotel room)

There you have it, I survived a head-on collision with Thomas Werner Mittelwerk – he smells like pine trees by the way. Now, I was able to pull at not so blurry frame from the video. Looks like Mittelwerk’s cartographer prepared a map of an island, all the names had been blurred out, the numbers, the scale, but we do have a shape. Beyond that, not much else. So we have Danish shipping archives, a secret boat, and this map. Not at all what I expected but why would it be. Its on you guys now, you point I go. May the force be with you.

Project Sumo

In the same directory as the Rachel Blake Post 005 Video, there is a letter from Dr. Hackett to Dr. Kini, titled CONFIDENTIAL MEMORANDUM.



To: Dr. Kini,

Lewis King Laboritories, AG

From: Dr. Hackett

EDC 1554A

Date: March 10, 1988

Re: Doubleblind Data


The reformulation trials (Project Sumo) are progressing
well. As always, we are slowed by patent lawyers who need
too much information (you know the drill). Please send the
results of the secondary doubleblind study as soon as they
are compiled.

Your work is proving fruitful (pun intended!) in
establishing the proof that the original experimentation
was confounded by the ridiculous implementation parameters
established by our friends in copenhagen.

Best -J

cc: Dr. Perez

Video Location

This video was found in a secret file on Sublymonal.

Directions were posted by Oli on Speaker's comments boards.

  • Follow the link from Rachel's post to http://www.43things.com/.
  • There is a user: RBlake, who has 43 goals: http://www.43things.com/person/RBlake.
  • Goals 4 8 15 16 23 and 42 all contain just one word, "truth safe reckon copenhagen alvar sumo".
  • Goal 43 is "Have a refreshing beverage", a clue to go to http://www.sublymonal.com.
  • At Sublymonal, enter "truth safe reckon copenhagen alvar sumo" into the login box.
  • The site should be silenced and has a second login box.
  • DanteIL noticed that at the end of her blog conversation with Mel0drama, Rachel said: "Me: Cool. Gotta go. I've got 43 things to do to stop their "better tomorrow"".
  • Enter "better tomorrow" into the second box.
  • This brings up http://www.sublymonal.com/_hidden/.
  • Look in folder 48 for the video - http://www.sublymonal.com/_hidden/48/.


  • One may notice that Mittelwerk walks with a slight limp.
  • The fact that Mittelwerk mutters 'Do I kno...' meaning that she is familiar to him (from watching her videos, seen her stalking him before, or having bumped into her in the past, we do not know).
  • The letter concerning Project Sumo is from a Dr. Hackett. He was mentioned in the Mel0drama conversation in the first post.
  • The island has been found by user Linmoo on the RachelBlake.com comments section. However, rather than be near the equator as Rachel said, the map in fact shows Edward island, a Southern port in Ontario by Lake Superior, which runs between Canada and the USA. Here is an image which Linmoo uploaded.
    • You can view it on Google Earth by entering the co-ordinates '48.37N 88.75W' (to get a good match to Rachel's uploaded photo, view it as if SouthEast is North.

Note: Later on, Rachel says that this was a mistake on her part, and that these maps (though clearly of these islands) were supposed to point to Sri Lanka