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The ID badge that Rachel photographs on Hugh McIntyre's mistress.

This article details Rachel Blake's third Copenhagen Video, from the Lost Experience.

Text transcript

So, by all accounts, yesterday took things in an unexpected direction. Guess it shouldn't be shocking to find out The Hanso Foundation's origins include not only the weapons trade in this century, but the SLAVE TRADE in centuries past. I guess old Alvar Hanso comes by his hypocrisy honestly.

But the questions still remain... How is this relevant NOW?

Why is Mittelwerk researching hundred-year-old SHIPPING LANES?

Does all this CONNECT to something greater?

Now, I think it's pretty clear, Mittelwerk likes to keep his hands clean. He's not offering up any answers - or the leverage to get them. So, if there's no dirt to be found on Mittelwerk, how do we proceed? Well...

Enter: Communications Director of The Hanso Foundation, HUGH MCINTYRE. Check out this smug piece of work.

Don't believe a word he says. Hugh's a cheater. Your classic hypocrite, he sits on the boards of all these family organizations, but can't seem to keep his own fly in the locked and upright position.

Now I'm not gonna judge this guy on morals. But I will on the company he keeps. Today, I followed him around the streets of Copenhagen to find out just WHO he's alley-catting with this week. Check out these PHOTOS.

Picture 1

Does this look like Hugh's wife to you?

Picture 2

What else are you doing under that table, Hugh?

Picture 3

And for those of you who think she's his sister...

Picture 4

Picture 5

If you're not disturbed, you should be.

I have to hand it to Hugh, he's a smart tactician. I guess THIS is how Mittelwerk knows when to pull a tarp over the mass graves. I guess THIS is how The Hanso Foundation has carte blanche on anything it wants to do in any part of the world... where people have only the GLOBAL WELFARE CONSORTIUM to protect them.

22.20 update

22.20: Well, well, well. Looks like my Hugh photos touched a nerve. Check out this back-and-forth I had with a rather prickly user named GidgetGirl:

GidgetGirl: Rachel, I'm all for airing the truth, but you've crossed a line. What these guys do in private is their business. You could destroy a family, here.

Me: Like I said, what Hugh does personally, I don't really care... I'm just asking what kind of power is he wielding by sleeping with this woman from the GWC?

GidgetGirl: So you don't care if you wreck his marriage?

Me: Frankly, if you want to go there, he said good-bye to his marriage the second he decided to have that affair.

GidgetGirl: For someone claiming not to take the moral high ground, you're certainly carrying around an awful lot of venom for this guy. You got something against men, Rachel?

Me: Only his type.

GidgetGirl: If you had any decency, you'd take those photos down.

Me: The way I see it... he's the head of publicity? Well, then let's make it public. The pictures stay.

GidgetGirl: Who are you? What do you have against these people?

Me: Who are you?

Kinda makes you wonder, doesn't it? I can't WAIT to see what you guys have to say about all this.

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