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  • It could be involved with another Station, having to do with psychology.
  • 115 isn't one of the Numbers; however, if you take away the duplicate pictures, there are 108 images.
  • It's a video that DHARMA once used to test new employees, in order to determine which station they were most fit to work at, if any.


There are some sets of images with similar themes, appearing 2 or more times, plus a few ringers:

  1. Swan
  2. Sharks
  3. Sea / Boat
  4. Explosions
  5. Stars (or planets)
  6. Hanso
  7. Volcanos
  8. Crowds (or groups)
  9. Microbiology / Drugs
  10. Flames
  11. Optics or reflections or shadows
  12. Weather / Clouds / Atmosphere
  13. Polar Bears
  14. Boars
  15. Raw meat or organs
  16. Oddities:
    1. Dharmacakra (8-spoked wheel)
    2. Joop
    3. Card with "Evident Agenda" printed on it
    4. Horse
    5. HAZMAT suit
    6. Mapinguari
  • Subliminally, subjects of the test would tend to pick out images or classes of images that make the most impression on them.
    • The subjects of the test might have been autistic savants, and the video was used to test them.
  • Anyone seeing Hanso or Joop may have special powers; anyone seeing the card may have a password clue.

  • It could be deliberately designed so that there is more than one possible interpretation. This is, after all, psychology.
  • Looks kind of like a fetus or sloth. Or maybe the back of a bust (head sculpture).
  • The logo is Alvar Hanso's face - http://img100.imageshack.us/img100/1879/hansopsycho0cx.jpg
  • The logo may have been altered; there is a subtle difference in the 'weave' of the bagua and the insignia in the center along with the text. It looks like the two were filmed at separate times and composited (using the technology of the 1980 timeframe; seamless digital editing wasn't common yet).
    • The bagua is exactly the same used by all the other DHARMA projects (which differs from the normal 'weave').
  • It could be an overhead view of the Island.