This article is about a character from "Bad Twin". For the character on the show, see: "Cunningham".

Pru Cunningham is a character who appears in the metafictional novel Bad Twin, written by Flight 815 passenger Gary Troup. She is a private detective, working for "Intercontinental."

Prudence, Pru for short, is a 30 year old, gray-eyed Australian investigator, working for Intercontinental. She is hired by Clifford Widmore to tail his stepmother, Vivian, after he suspects her to be having an affair with Mr. Thursday. He later then tells her to follow Paul Artisan to Australia.

After doing so, Pru meets up with Artisan and explains her story. The two develop a relationship, and eventually join forces to solve the mystery surrounding the Widmore family.

Minor Facts

  • Pru says the name is short for Prudence, but that she is not very prudent.
  • Reads "Trent's Last Case" on the plane.
  • Tells Paul to stay at The Rocks Hotel.
  • Has a sister that works for an Aussie Biotech Company.
  • Carries a nickel-plated .32 caliber revolver.
  • Points out the Southern Cross in the night sky.
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