"Proper Motivation" is an orchestral piece from the Season One soundtrack. It plays as Boone chases after Shannon in his dream.

Main appearance

Boone awakens, having been tied up by Locke. Calling out for assistance, he at first hears nothing, but then hears Shannon also calling. She claims to also be tied up. Then, much to his dismay, he hears the monster, and Shannon's cries for help grow much more insistent. He leans forward in pain, a considerable distance away from the knife left in the dirt by Locke, trying desperately to grasp it.

Finally, he does, and he cuts himself free. He runs towards Shannon's voice and frees her from the tree she is tied to. They run together from the monster and manage to take shelter in the roots of a Banyan tree.

Full list of appearances

"Proper Motivation" and its variations play during the following scenes:


The piece includes the pursuit motif.


Variations of the theme from this piece appear in "Oceanic 815" and "Peace Through Superior Firepower."

Title significance

In a scene before the track plays, Locke tells a bound Boone he'll be able to reach a knife out of his grasp once he has the "proper motivation."

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