Promotional music refers to music that has been used for the official marketing and promotion of Lost in various media such as television commercials, music videos or promos. In many cases such music hasn't been used in the actual broadcasts of Lost episodes, and is specific to the promotional context only.

Season 1

David LaChapelle's UK promo

In the UK, Season 1 of Lost was promoted in 2005 through a music video directed by David LaChapelle. The final broadcast version, aka the "voiceover version", was set to the song "Channel 1 Suite", by The Cinematic Orchestra. This version is also included in the Phase 2 section of the Bonus Features on the Lost Season Two DVD. The original music version of this video featured the song "Numb" by Portishead.

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Season 2

Addicted to Lost

The 2005 promotional campaign for Lost during the Super Bowl featured the music video "Addicted to Lost", a parody of the Robert Palmer's video for "Addicted to Love".

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Season 3

Brian McFadden

A 2006 promotion was launched with a 'Lost version' of the music video for Brian McFadden's "Demons", in which the original music video for the song was intercut with scenes from Lost.

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Season 4

In 2008 the official "extended" Season 4 trailer featured three distinct instrumental background pieces. The first one is the introduction of the song "Tho You Are Gone I Still Often Walk With You" from the album Born into Trouble as the Sparks Fly Upward by A Silver Mt. Zion. The final piece is called "Stranger's Return" by the music production company Non-Stop Music.

Season 5

For season 5 the musical group The Fray premiered their new single "You Found Me" in a promotion with ABC in a video including scenes from the upcoming Season 5 of Lost and some ARG content. In early 2009, the section "The Fray" was added to the "Features" section of the Lost part of the ABC web page. This section, as well as the video player for Lost related clips, added the video for The Fray's song Never say never (Don't let me go), although this video was the standard one which included no content from Lost.

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In another promo for Season 5 is heard "Your Destiny is Coming" by Epic Score.
In the last promo for Season 5 is heard "End Of The World" by Epic Score.

Season 6

In 2010 for promotion campaign for the six and final season were used a brand new single of Sade "Soldier Of Love" and "Amazing Grace" by William Nelson. For the trailer,showing new footage, "Pandora" by John Samuel Hanson was used. "Everything In Its Right Place" by Radiohead is heard in the famous chessboard promo of both Cuatro and ABC versions.

  • In promo for "What Kate Does" is heard "Above the City" by PostHaste.
  • In promo for "Recon" is heard "Bird on the Wire" by Leonard Cohen.
  • In promo for "The Package" is heard "Last Days" by Brand X Music.
  • In promo for "Happily Ever After" is heard "Amazing Grace", but it is bagpipes version.
  • In promo for "Everybody Loves Hugo" is heard "Nearly Home" by Broken Records.
  • In promo for "The Last Recruit" is heard "Through the Loop" by Pendulum.
  • In another promo for "The Last Recruit" is heard "Moonlight Sonata" by Ludwig van Beethoven.
  • In promo for "What They Died For" is heard "The End" by The Doors.

Musical Look Inside Sawyer uses "Cowboy Casanova" by Carrie Underwood
Musical Look Inside Ben Linus uses "Ben" by Michael Jackson


The Latin America AXN promotional campaign for Lost Seasons 1 through 6 marathon during January. Song's name hasn't been found yet.


David LaChapelle UK Channel 4 Season 1 Promo - Portishead music (original) version

David LaChapelle UK Channel 4 Season 1 Promo - Voiceover (final) version



Brian McFadden "Demons" promo (2006)

LOST "Demons" music Video

LOST "Demons" music Video

The Fray - You Found Me (2008)

LOST - Última temporada

LOST - Última temporada

Latin America AXN Lost Promo

Lost Season 6 - Chessboard Promo (dubbed by Terry O'Quinn)

Lost Season 6 - Chessboard Promo (dubbed by Terry O'Quinn)

LOST - Season 6 - Promo Soldier of Love Song

LOST - Season 6 - Promo Soldier of Love Song

LOST Season 6 ABC Promo Amazing Grace Extended

LOST Season 6 ABC Promo Amazing Grace Extended

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