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The Official 'Lost' Podcast features cast interviews and behind the scenes info. Plus Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse answer fan questions.

Due to the format of the Podcasts, exact times can not always be found consistently. The times featured are estimates where the individual portions of the show begin and end.

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2006 - Season 2

2006 - Season 3

Running Gags

  • The Zombie Season (Season 7)
  • Damon's pants and Carlton's shoes
  • "Hashing"
  • Tomatoes
  • "So take that! Take that to the bank!"
  • Carlton's dancing prowess.
  • Maracas
  • Damon's cold clammy hands
  • Brokeback Mountain jokes
  • Carlton and Damon same sex ice dancing
  • Theme music about a talking car driven by werewolves that fight crime (AKA CAR-nivore)
  • Bi-athlons (Skiing and rifle-shooting simultaneously)
  • Holding each other's hands
  • Carlton's cowboy hat
  • Actors portraying the producers: Ted Danson as Carlton, David Cross as Damon.
  • Wednesday! Wednesday! Wednesday! in reference to Sunday drag racing radio commercials
  • Carlton's nicknames-The Glass Ballerina, Man of the Jungle, Sparkles


  • Chris is the producer of the podcasts and records Lindelof and Cuse's portion of the podcasts (addressed in the March 1st 2006 episode). Lindelof adds that they try to make him laugh to judge whether they are funny or not.
  • Chris has a soul patch.
  • An unidentified woman records the cast interview portions of the podcasts.
  • Sometimes podcasts are recorded before an episode being recapped has aired.
  • Telephones ring occasionally. On other occasions, you can hear cellphone static.
  • They sit on a couch while recording.

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