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Date and synopsis Listen Archived File? Transcript? Interviews Rehashes Prehashes Special Notes

11/08/05 Yes Yes Josh Holloway & Daniel Dae Kim Season 1, Early Season 2 "Abandoned" Damon and Carlton discuss Season 1 and answer fan questions. First ever podcast.

11/14/05 Yes Yes Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly & Terry O'Quinn "Abandoned" "The Other 48 Days" Damon and Carlton rehash and prehash and answer fan questions.

11/21/05 Yes Yes Cynthia Watros "The Other 48 Days" "Collision"

11/24/05 Yes Yes None "Collision" N/A Commentary from writers Javier Grillo-Marxuach & Leonard Dick to sync with Collision. No Damon & Carlton

11/28/05 Yes Yes Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje "Collision" "What Kate Did"

01/09/06 Yes Partial None N/A N/A Orchestra Special hosted by Michael Giacchino; No Damon & Carlton

01/09/06 Yes Yes Michael Giacchino "What Kate Did" "The 23rd Psalm" The Hurley Bird is discussed. Damon and Carlton prehash, hash and answer fan questions.

01/17/06 Yes Yes Harold Perrineau (P1) "The 23rd Psalm" "The Hunting Party" Damon and Carlton discuss the concept of hashing

01/23/06 Yes Yes Harold Perrineau (P2) "The Hunting Party" "Fire + Water"

02/06/06 Yes Yes Evangeline Lilly (P1) "Fire + Water" "The Long Con"

02/13/06 Yes Yes Evangeline Lilly (P2) "The Long Con" "One of Them"

03/01/06 Yes Yes Jorge Garcia (P1) "One of Them" "Maternity Leave"

03/20/06 Yes Yes Bryan Burk "Maternity Leave" "The Whole Truth"

03/28/06 Yes Yes Jorge Garcia (P2) "The Whole Truth" "Lockdown" Theme song vote; The Lost Experience introduced

04/03/06 Yes Yes Matthew Fox "Lockdown" "Dave"

04/10/06 Yes Yes Yunjin Kim "Dave" "S.O.S."

05/01/06 Yes Yes Josh Holloway "S.O.S." "Two for the Road" Darlton discuss the concept of post-hashing. The phone rings. The Rose and Bernard love scene is also discussed.

05/08/06 Yes Yes Naveen Andrews "Two for the Road" "?"

05/15/06 Yes Yes Matthew Fox "?" "Three Minutes"

05/19/06 Yes Yes Daniel Dae Kim "Three Minutes" "Live Together, Die Alone"

05/26/06 Yes Yes None "Live Together, Die Alone" Season 3

06/13/06 Yes No Harold Perrineau & Malcolm David Kelly N/A N/A No Damon & Carlton

07/03/06 Yes Yes Jorge Garcia "Dave" No Damon & Carlton

07/31/06 Yes Yes None Season 2 Season 3 Comic Con Panel live broadcast with Damon, Carlton, Bryan Burk, Jorge Garcia & Daniel Dae Kim
Date and synopsis Listen Archived File? Transcript? Interviews Rehashes Prehashes Special Notes
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