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Michael Giacchino's score for Lost has won multiple awards, including an Emmy. The Hollywood Studio Symphony performs the music, led by conduction Tim Simonec. The score incorporates dozens of recurring themes and motifs.


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Varèse Sarabande has released seven albums of music from Lost. Seasons one, two, four and five each received a CD. Season three received a two-disc release. Season six received two two-disc albums, the second for the final four episodes with the final disc for the finale.

Additionally, original music from the video game Lost: Via Domus, composed by Giacchino, is recoverable from the files of the video game and can be found online even though no soundtrack was ever released.


Orchestras have performed music from Lost at a number of live events. These include The Lost Symphony and Lost Live: The Final Celebration.


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Lost frequently featured commercial, non-original music. These songs usually play from diegetic sources such as record players but occasionally do not. The show also featured original songs.


Drive Shaft[]

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The fictional band Drive Shaft created songs including "You All Everybody" and "Together Now".

Geronimo Jackson[]

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The show first introduced "Geronino Jackson" as a band so obscure that none of the survivors had heard of it. References to the band later appeared far more frequently.

Dirt Spigot[]

Dirt Spigot

The Dirt Spigot poster in Mrs. Gardner's grandson's room. ("Confirmed Dead")

Dirt Spigot is a fictional band briefly referenced in two episodes. In "Fire + Water", the director of the Butties Diapers commercial says that he wanted to hire Dirt Spigot instead of Drive Shaft. In "Confirmed Dead", a poster for the band can be seen in Mrs. Gardner's grandson's room.

Other musical references[]


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The music featured in international broadcasts of Lost are sometimes different from the original.



Crystal Kay at the AXN Season 3 Japan premiere