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Locations of filming sites on Oahu.

This article describes the filming locations used for the production of Lost, which are almost exclusively located on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Many locations are used more than once but representing different locations. Following is a list of filming locations whose respective pages provide a list of each scene recorded at that location.

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The nose piece of the Lockheed L-1011 at the He'eia Kea storage lot near Kaneohe, HI.

Other Locations

Ben and Charles scene filmed in London.


Sun and Widmore on-location scene filmed in London.

Season 4 featured two location shoots, set and filmed in London. These were the first episodes of Lost to feature footage filmed outside of the USA. In "The Shape of Things to Come," the London scene between Ben and Charles Widmore was filmed in London due to New Zealand/Australian actor Alan Dale performing on stage in the West End production of Spamalot during the filming of the second block of Season 4.

The next occasion was four episodes later in "There's No Place Like Home, Part 3", where Sun meets up with Widmore along the Thames with Tower Bridge in the background.

Both scenes were filmed during the same trip by the film crew.


Lost's Lockheed L-1011 film prop in its storage location behind Dillingham Airfield in Hawaii. The Beechcraft fuselage is also stored here.

Nose Section

Easily visible from the Kamehameha Highway at He'eia Kea near Kane'ohe is the nose section of the airplane used in the Pilot Episode, where the pilot gets ripped out of. The prop is part of a dismantled Lockheed L-1011 that is located in a fenced area that is occasionally locked, but if it isn't, it is possible to drive right in and stand in front of the plane. The nose cone, with the Oceanic Logo partially covered by half-shredded tarps, is easiy visible from road. The compound is located approximately 2 to 5 minutes north (by car) of He'eia State Park/He'eia Pier on the Kamehameha Highway. As of May 2008, the covered nose section can be seen on satellite photos on Google Earth and Google Maps.

The Fuselage

The main part of the Lockheed L-1011 fuselage, as well as the Beechcraft fuselage, are penned in a storage area (LostVirtualTour) at the rear of Dillingham Airfield (behind the airstrip) conveniently nearby the filming location of these fuselage parts at Mokuleia Beach.

Grass Skirt Productions

Main Article: Grass Skirt Productions

The production office for Lost was formerly located in Dole Cannery Shops, before later being relocated to the Diamondhead Hawaii Film Studio.

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