The plane mobile was an electrical device with four miniature airplanes hanging from it that revolved around a yellow star. It hung over the crib in the Nursery in the Staff, which was intended for Aaron once Claire gave birth. ("Maternity Leave")

The mobile was similar to the one that was seen in Claire's dream. ("Raised by Another") Also in Claire's dream, a noise similar to that of the discharge and electromagnetic creaking was heard, just before the planes started to spin. Both of these happenings may be instances of premonition, a theme prevalent in Lost.

The plane mobile as seen in "Raised by Another".

All four planes in the mobile bore the Oceanic Airlines logo, although the word "airlines" was not painted in red after the original logo, as it was on the actual airplanes. The planes were Lockheed L-1011s, the same type of model dismantled by the show production team to simulate a Lockheed L-1011 for Oceanic Flight 815.

The plane mobile played to the tune of "Catch a Falling Star." This was the song that Claire originally asked Arlene and Joseph Stewart, her child's prospective adoptive parents, to sing to the baby after he was born. Her father sung it to her when she was a child. ("Raised by Another")

Production notes

The mobile prop was built for the show in 2004 at Pacific Hobbyist, a Honolulu hobby store, according to one of the now-closed store's former owner. The baby mobile used desktop model that was primed white and cut up with a hot knife to give the desired damaged look. It was airbrushed matte black to simulate fire and smoke damage. The markings for "Oceanic Air" were simple stick-on adhesives. A fisheye hook was drilled into the top of fuselage as the attachment point for the baby mobile.

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