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Eternal Recurrence or "See Ya In Another Life, Brotha"

Caught in The Loop

Man caught in cycling jet engine

About 5 minutes into this episode a man is caught in the cycling turbine of a jet engine. It's an allusion to humankind caught in the cycle of Eternal Recurrence.

It's interesting to note that the man was walking away from the engine, apparently free from harm until John Locke shouted a warning which caused the man to pause, resulting in his death.

Freedom Brotha!

Kate frees him from the loop

Later, an allusion to liberation from the Recurrence loop appears when Kate removes a boot from a crash victim which prominently displays a leather loop. Practically, the leather loop serves as an aid to put on the boot. Symbolically, it serves to show Kate freeing someone from the loop.

Multiple Realities

Jack's cuts at 2:28

Jack's cuts oriented differently at 7:55

At 2 minutes, 28 seconds into this episode a shot of Jack shows 2 cuts on the left side of his face. Later, at 7 minutes, 55 seconds, the cuts are shown in a different orientation, rotated 90 degrees, and further down his face. It's evidence that at least 2 different realities are being shown to the audience.

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