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Dr. Pierre Chang is a DHARMA Initiative theoretical astrophysicist from Ann Arbor, Michigan and he is the host of Lost: The Final Season Untangled, which affirms that Dr. Chang is the "self-appointed worldwide expert on Lost".


Dr. Chang appears to be involved in decoding various mysteries of the Island, like that of the Monster. He appears to be infatuated by Kate (For that reason, he is jealous of her relationship with Sawyer and his "pecs"), although he has a wife, Lara. He is also very proud of his son, Miles. (Lost Untangled)

In order to "untangle" the episodes, Dr. Chang uses costumes, several Lost merchandising and impersonations of main characters, along with old footage from previous Lost Untangled episodes. Dr. Chang uses many neologisms and nicknames related to the show. For example he refers to the Man in Black's recruits as the "Smoking Club", calls Richard Alpert, "Guyliner", his wife Isabella, "Mrs. Guyliner" and Frank Lapidus as "Chesty". He also makes fun of Charles Widmore's (and Eloise's) manner of speaking.

Dr. Chang hates violent and gory scenes, so he runs desperately, feels sick and throws up, and appears immediately his own DHARMA test card.

Dr. Chang concluded all the episodes with the greeting "Namaste".


  • At the end of the 11th episode of Lost: The Final Season Untangled, François Chau makes a cameo as Dr. Pierre Chang, followed by sounds of the Smoke Monster. The "Real" Chang is scared and runs desperately after he sees this version of himself. They appear together in episode 12, but puppet Chang claimed his place as the true "Untangler" and Human Chang is a mere "doppelgänger".
  • The puppet Chang was built by the Jim Henson's Creature Shop, and a puppeteer from the Jim Henson Company, Allan Trautman, performed the puppet.

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